/ Burning in the eye: causes and treatment. What should I do if my eyes burn?

Burning in the eye: causes and treatment. What should I do if my eyes burn?

But on the way to the doctor, think about what could cause such a reaction of the eye. The composition of tears could affect a variety of reasons, and we plan to tell you about the most common of them.

Burning eyes: causes

It is necessary to recognize that most often the cause of burning in the eyes is a trauma or an infection. But let's get everything in order.


Quite often burning in the eyes can beResult of respiratory disease. It is a virus, and it needs antiviral treatment, which only a doctor can prescribe. The fact that you have an infection can be learned from the symptoms. In addition to burning, you will be disturbed by lachrymation and redness. In especially neglected cases, purulent discharge appears in the corners of the eyes.

Mechanical damage

Burning often occurs as a result of theInjury. In the eye can get a grain of sand or household chemicals. You will be concerned with burning and irritability. If you cleaned in the house and you got into the eye a detergent, you can get a burn. You will have a sharp pain and it is very important to seek help promptly.

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If you are prone to allergic reactions burning inEyes for you is not a novelty. It can occur as a result of contact with certain smells, food or medicine. Usually burning is also accompanied by eyelid edema, headache, severe cold and cough. If you are sure that the burning occurred as a result of an allergy, take the pill and wait a bit.

Dry eye syndrome

Burning is often caused by dryness in the eyes,Which can cause illness or a prolonged strain on the eyes. In order to get rid of this unpleasant sensation, use moisturizing drops. But before you run to the pharmacy, consult a doctor, because the reason can be much deeper.

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Burning eyes: treatment

Again, we draw your attention to the need forTimely contact with a doctor. Only after careful examination can he recommend competent treatment. Burning in the eyes just seems like a common problem, but if you do not react to it in time, it can result in the development of a serious illness.

But still there are several ways to ease your condition yourself:

  1. Blink often. This will help to give them more tears to moisten the eyeball.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. If you work at a computer, often rest and do exercises.
  4. Every evening, make compresses from herbal decoctions, best of all chamomile.

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Be attentive to your body and react in time to all manifestations uncharacteristic of him.

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