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Ulcers in the language: causes, treatment. What causes ulcers in the tongue?

It is very important to diagnose the problem in time. Only so the doctor will be able to prescribe an effective treatment for you. But if you have not gone for advice yet, you can read the article further and suggest possible causes of ulcers in the language of you or your child.

What causes ulcers in the tongue?

As we have already said, there are many reasons,Which can cause such a symptom. But among them there are the most common. The most common ulcers in the tongue are due to insufficiently thorough oral hygiene or minor injuries:

  • Brush blow
  • A bite of the tongue
  • Teeth, or rather their sharp edges
  • Too biting foods
  • Inaccurate treatment

Such ulcers are often single and not as painful as during illness.

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Disease is manifested by the appearance of painfulThe sores. There may be several or one. Such ulcers cause serious discomfort: it is difficult to talk, eat. You can get sick as a result of getting an infection, reducing immunity, getting a chemical on the mucous membrane.

There are several types of stomatitis and in eachCase of ulcers. The most unpleasant of all: herpetic and candida. The symptom of the latter is sure to be white sores and plaque all over the surface of the mouth.

If you suspect that ulcers arose during the periodWeakening of immunity, try to correct this situation, as gingivostomatitis can develop. A very unpleasant disease that can make life really unbearable.

Among the more serious causes of ulcers in the tongue are:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Syphilis
  • HIV

How to treat an ulcer in the tongue?

As you have already understood, the ulcer in the tongue is only a symptom. Therefore, getting rid of them is fashionable only by solving the main problem. In order to do this you need to visit the doctor without fail. Only as a result of a thorough examination and a complex of tests can you definitely determine what the problem is.

On your own, you can try to remove the pain fromUsing anesthetics or analgesics. But this is only temporary salvation. If the ulcer is caused by an infection, the doctor will probably prescribe you anti-inflammatory medication. In some cases, special ointments and solutions are used. Candidiasis is treated with antifungal and bactericidal drugs.

In any case, only the doctor can give you a complete list of recommendations, based on the results of the examination. Your task is to ask for help in time.

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