/ / Delay of menstruation for 10 days: common causes. What if the delay is more than 10 days?

Delay of menstruation for 10 days: common causes. What if the delay is more than 10 days?

Every girl should know that normalIt is considered a delay of no more than two days. All that lasts longer should alert you and encourage you to consult a gynecologist for advice. The reasons can be a huge number, because the menstrual cycle is a reflection of the general state of a woman's health. Not only physical, but psychological.

The reasons for the delay of the monthly for 10 days

Any change in a woman's lifestyle is mandatoryIs displayed on her menstrual cycle. Even changing the time zones can agitate the organism and provoke a delay, so before you panic, make sure that everything in your life is stable. Let's look at the most common reasons for the delay in menstruation.


If you started actively preparing for the summer andTo lose weight, accumulated during a prolonged winter, it is possible that the menstrual cycle will respond to this. Most often, this happens if you have sharply sat on a strict diet. This behavior of the body is a common reaction to stress. In some cases, the delay may last several months. This should alert you and make you think about the need to change the approach to the process of losing weight. Better adjust your diet and exercise regularly.

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Problems in the family or at work directly affectHormonal background of a woman. Long-term stress can provoke a prolonged delay. To avoid this, try to adjust your life by changing attitudes towards stressful situations.

Physical exercise

If you sharply began to actively engage in sports,Possibly a slight change in the menstrual cycle. It is quite normal, if at the beginning of the intensive study period you will have a delay of 2-4 days. If it is longer, it is possible that the loads are excessive and you need to slow down a bit.

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Delay of monthly for 10 or more days in someCases provoke infectious and endocrine diseases. Therefore, it is so important to consult a doctor in time, who will put the correct diagnosis. Thus, you will start the course of treatment on time and soon everything will turn into its own.

Delay of menstruation for 10 days: what to do?

Do not panic and make an appointment with a gynecologist. This is the most robust advice that you can give. And while you wait for your turn, analyze what could become its cause. You can take advantage of other people's experiences, read women's forums. In many cases, they are suggestive, helping to identify possible causes of the delay. But only the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and give the appointment of treatment.

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