/ What is amenorrhea and how to treat it properly? Than to treat amenorrhea? How to determine the causes of amenorrhea?

What is amenorrhea and how to treat it properly? Than to treat amenorrhea? How to determine the causes of amenorrhea?

Despite the fact that the causes ofAmenorrhea can be both physical and psychological disorders, it is a gynecological disease. A psychologist will help you solve emotional problems that could cause changes in the body, but can not cure the disease itself. In any case, treatment should be based on a clear diagnosis, which can be based on the type of disease.

False amenorrhea

Most often this type of amenorrhea occurs when inThe female body undergoes various hormonal changes. The truth is to take into account that they are not a consequence of a malfunction, but a normal change in the body. This happens if a woman has a congenital pathology of the genitals.

True amenorrhea

Disease is characterized by the absence of regularMenstruation against a background of perfectly healthy ovaries. In some cases, it is difficult for a woman, or even impossible, to become pregnant. This type of disease usually occurs during lactation, menopause and in childhood, when the menstruation has not yet begun. In this case it is absolutely normal, natural process.

But there is still pathological amenorrhea,Which indicates serious violations in the body. She can get sick absolutely at any age. There may be a number of reasons, so consider them in more detail.

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Causes of amenorrhea

First of all, it is necessary to remember that anyDelay in menstruation, especially prolonged, should be the reason for immediate contact with a doctor. Only he can accurately diagnose and determine the causes of the disease, which can be due to various factors: anatomical, hereditary or psychological.

Amenorrhea often occurs in small,Thin women. This is due to a delay in the development of the body. But these factors can be completely invisible, since the development of genital organs may be delayed, which only the doctor can determine after examination and ultrasound.

Not less often amenorrhea occurs due to a genetic predisposition. For example, if the mother's menses came rather late, it could happen to the daughter.

To date, doctors are increasingly talking aboutAmenorrhea, which arises as a result of emotional upheavals. Nervous tension can change the menstrual cycle, as well as cause a serious delay. In some cases, even the early onset of menopause is possible. Most often, you can overcome this condition yourself, as people can cope with emotions without medical intervention.

In some cases amenorrhea can causeExcessive physical activity and unbalanced nutrition. It is important to remember that the female body requires special treatment, especially during menstruation. Similarly, the diet can also act. If a woman does not get enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, the body begins to fail.

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Than to treat amenorrhea

There are several ways to treat amenorrhea,Depending on the cause of its occurrence. If the cause of amenorrhea is malnutrition, a diet or insufficient development of a doctor will definitely appoint a special food system. It is intended not only for a set of muscle and fat mass, but also for adjusting the hormonal background.

Do not be surprised if the doctor, in the amenorrhea treatment complex, will recommend observing a psychologist. Quite often, it is the emotional background that becomes the main cause of the disease.

Anatomical causes are first correctedSurgically, only then a restorative treatment is prescribed. If the cause is hidden in excessive physical exertion, it is necessary to stop them. Also, a doctor can prescribe oral contraceptives to regulate the hormonal background and restore menstrual function.

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In any case, do not self-medicate. Every time you feel unwell, consult a doctor. This will help avoid complications that are possible as a result of improper treatment.

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