/ How to diversify family life? 10 ways to diversify family relationships. How to diversify the relationship?

How to diversify family life? 10 ways to diversify family relationships. How to diversify the relationship?

  1. Do not forget about surprises

    Even after 10 years of living together, your secondHalf expects from you small, sweet gifts or surprises. Experiment and instead of a practical and useful gift, make breakfast in bed, invite to a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant or wear erotic lingerie. Remember, because at the beginning of your relationship, when they were full of passion, you did not give each other pans, vacuum cleaners or warm underwear with fleece.

  2. Have sex

    Do not just do for the so-called,Fulfillment of conjugal duties, but experiment. If the passion has faded away a little, it makes sense to look for ways to return it. There are many ways for this: erotic underwear, role games, new places, poses, ways, sexual toys. All this will make your sex life more interesting and richer. Just do not forget to discuss with your partner his wishes.

  3. Do not give too much importance to domestic problems

    Honestly, life kills passion, so heShould worry you as little as possible or not worry at all. This does not mean that it's time to turn into a hippie. Try to equip your house in such a way that there is nothing superfluous in it. Make it as convenient as possible for your family. The same applies to the duties of your family members. Discard stereotypes about the typically male and female affairs. You will feel not burdened with life only if you do your favorite things, and transfer the rest to specialists.

  4. Remember: you are created to love, not to saw

    Believe, with the person who constantly saws notWant to have nothing in common. From such except that hide or run away. If you constantly point to things that do not suit you, you will soon lose not only your family harmony, but also your partner. But this does not mean that you have to accumulate negative emotions in yourself, because in the end they will break out and blow everything up. Talk to your loved ones, and if they do not hear you, it's not their problem, maybe you should change the approach. By the way, think about it, maybe you just exaggerated the importance of all these things. Is one dish unwashed worth a scandal?

  5. Take the weekend

    It's not about work, but about family. Sometimes you also need to rest from it. Children, parents, this is certainly happiness, but against their background you can lose yourself. Try to pay enough attention to each other. Be alone, leave together for the city, do not pull children after you, sometimes you can leave them at the grandmother or hire a nanny. Believe me, it will be better for the children themselves, because happy parents are the guarantee of healthy relations in the family.

  6. Look for a good friend in a friend

    Unfortunately, the longer we live in a marriage, theMore often we begin to forget about the positive features of a loved one and focus our attention on shortcomings. Look at the truth in the face, everyone has bad features, but you fell in love with each other for nice and important things for you. By the way, maybe your second half simply can not show their best side, since there is no reason for this? For example, if your husband is a good cook, give him the opportunity to do so. And if the wife laughs nicely, give her more reason for happiness.

  7. Find a joint hobby

    To spend more time together you canTo do something common. It is advisable that this is not a general cleaning or going to the market. Find a joint hobby, for example, you can do sports together, dance, get carried away by cooking or traveling. It will rally your family as you will be fascinated by the pleasant for both business, at the same time learning something new and useful.

  8. Show interest in each other's hobbies

    In addition to joint hobbies, it is worth paying due attention toAttention and personal. It is absolutely not important to divide and admire them, but interest can strengthen your relationship. In addition, if you are sympathetic to your husband's love of paintball or philately, you will always have a topic for conversation. You will always feel part of his life and there will be no place for detachment in your relationship.

  9. Develop family traditions

    This will benefit not only your pair, but alsorally the whole family. You can create a tradition by celebrating a specific date, for example, New Year or Christmas, or create your own unique holiday. Choose a specific date, collect friends and celebrate the day when you visited the idea of ​​living together all your life. You can come up with a funny event, for example, celebrate the day when your husband gave you a mop. All this will be very funny and funny.

  10. Confess your love

    Some believe that after several yearsfamily life, every member of the family and so in the know that he is madly loved by others. We are sorry to upset you, this is not so. Such simple, at first glance, three words play a huge role: add confidence, joy. Feelings must always be expressed, not only with words, but with deeds. Truth try to balance words and deeds.

Be attentive to each other, notdwell on problems and strive for new sensations and knowledge. Here is a simple secret of harmonious and happy relationships that will never depend on the number of years lived together.

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