/ Affirmations on health. The correct approach to using affirmations for health.

Affirmations on health. The correct approach to using affirmations for health.

Diseases of the body are symptoms of a disease of consciousness thatCan produce two types of energy: healing and harmful. It turns out to not be ill enough to take consciousness under control. To do this, there are affirmations for health - simple phrases that, with regular pronunciation, can "debug" your mind, provoking it to produce only healing energy. Actually affirmations are positive thoughts that you need to replace negative ones. Thus, you assure your body that it is completely healthy and he is healed.

Affirmations on health: the right approach

Many try to use affirmations and throughSome time they say that they do not work. Often these people make the same mistake: they talk about their desires. Remember, you should not focus on desire, but make yourself believe that it has already come true. For example, the phrase: "I want to lose weight" is not at all an affirmation and will not work. On the contrary, the phrase: "I'm thin, my body is beautiful and it does not have a gram of excess weight" - a successful affirmation.

Your consciousness does not understand the particle "not", so never use it in affirmations.

Another example: "I do not want to get sick." Saying this, your mind concentrates on two words: "I" and "hurt." Therefore, there is a huge chance only to prolong your illness. It is better to use the phrase: "I am healthy. My body is full of energy and health. "

It is equally important to pronounce phrases in the presentTime. Never say: "I will be healthy", as this will not lead to the result. It is important for you to program your consciousness, which should start working today. Therefore, it is better to use the phrase: "I am healthy".

Using these tips, you can independently create affirmations for health.

Affirmations on health: examples

We offer you several examples of affirmations. Perhaps some of them you find useful for yourself. But before you sit down and read them, your thoughts have energy. How successful you are depends on how much you believe your words. Select several affirmations from the list that are most suitable for you and regularly say them. As the practices of this teaching say, consciousness gives in after 30-60 days of daily exposure to it.

    I'm completely healthy.

    All my organs work fine.

    I feel great, nothing hurts.

    I am always full of energy and vigor.

    I eat healthy food.

    The air fills me, and I breathe deeply.

    Around me only friendly people.

    I do not need medicine.

    I am always full of joy and happiness.

    All the cells of my body are full of health and energy.

    Stress does not affect me.

    I'm getting healthier every day.

    My immunity is very strong.

Choose what's right for you andSay every day. To do this, it is desirable to remain alone or be able to concentrate. But this is not the main thing. The main thing is to believe in your words, only then they will become a reality.

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