/ Development of abstract thinking in a child and an adult. Exercises for the development of abstract thinking in children.

Development of abstract thinking in a child and an adult. Exercises for the development of abstract thinking in children.

There are three main forms of abstractThinking: concept, judgment and inference. The term denotes specific objects that are combined by several or one attribute. This is what we get acquainted with as soon as we begin to learn how to talk. A house, a table, a river are all concepts. Judgments are our negations or statements, which can be short or long. The first judgments of children look like: "a cow makes a moo", "a car rides". Inference is a more complex form of thinking, since it is a conclusion about the existing proposition. "There's gasoline in the gas tank, and the driver behind the wheel, which means the car is going now," is a conclusion.

Is it possible to develop abstract thinking in children?

The ability of a person to think about exists atFrom birth, the main thing is not to prevent it in the process of education. There is a huge amount of literature, developing games and expert recommendations that will help develop abstract thinking. Among the exercises are a lot of puzzles, rebuses, which attract the attention of the child. No less effective works and creativity: music, dancing, drawing.

In order to get the maximum effect is worthGive development of abstract thinking about an hour several times a week. Thus, your child will learn to find original ideas and solutions, which, perhaps, will soon be able to change the world.

How to develop abstract thinking?

As we have already said, there are many exercises that allow us to develop our abstract thinking. All of them are interesting and fascinating, so there will be no problems with the child.

Shadow play

One of the most popular, and most interesting -shadow play. This is breathtaking and, in fact, it is the purest water abstraction. With the shadow, you can do anything, so you will create different images by playing them.

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In order to organize a home theater of shadows you will need:

  • Table lamp
  • Sheet
  • Cardboard figures that you can make yourself

Invite the child to play his favorite tale. Thus, he uses his abstract thinking and memory.

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You can also play with the shadow on the wall, when using the hands create a variety of images. Offer to depict a flying bird, a dog, a hare. Then the child will start to create an abstraction on his own.

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Exercising on the clouds

It is one of the simplest and always availableExercises. Every time you go for a walk, offer the child to look at the clouds and describe what they look like. This is a very fascinating activity, which adults are equally happy about.

At first you can help a little the child, push her to thoughts. You can invent interesting stories. Thus, he will love this occupation and in the future it will grow into a game.

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Abstract thinking is not difficult to develop, most importantlyDo it systematically and in every way encourage the child in his attempts to fantasize. Talk with him, helping to make simple at first, and then complex conclusions.

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