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Basic rules of losing weight

Lose weight correctly, set a goal
The most important thing in any endeavor is to set a goal, andUntil the goal is achieved, the case is deemed to be unfulfilled. When losing weight, you need to measure success in centimeters, not in kilograms. It's the centimeters that measure the volumes that you need to get rid of. The goal should not be an indication of the scales, but the size of the clothes that will fit you in one day.

Lose weight correctly, with the help of a healthy diet
An important factor in the success of losing weight isNormalize the food. And it does not really matter if you limit yourself in fried, floury, sweet, stop eating after 18 pm, or sit on a hard diet. It should be understood that the meal schedule takes into account biorhythms, and the food should be healthy and healthy. Than not an occasion to correct a diet.

Lose weight correctly when doing sports
If you want to look good, then there is noDo without sports. Do not need to exercise in the gym before the seventh sweat or enroll in the sports section. Hardly you will have a desire or there will be time. But if 15 minutes a day you will perform simple sports gymnastic exercises, then the effect will feel right away. Exercises can be replaced by walking, skiing, biking, or any sport that you like. The only condition to systematize the process and strengthen the result, you need to do this every day.

Breathing exercises
Can speed up the process of losing weight can respiratorygymnastics. Techniques such as callanetics, oxysize, bodyflex can be used instead of the usual gymnastics, and in combination with it. In this case, the body actively receives oxygen, which splits fat. Compilers of the techniques say that weight loss goes up to 10 times faster than if you engage in traditional sports. Do not strongly zealous, you need to focus on your health, and as soon as you feel the slightest discomfort, you need to adjust the program of classes.

Lose weight correctly
You have developed your physical exercises andRules of nutrition. And no matter how you would like, try not to violate them. If you eat chocolate before going to bed, then of course you will not get better once, but if you stumble, you will do the same next time. It seemed that here it is, if you have arranged yourself a small holiday of sweets, and then several more times. You will not notice that violations of the regime will be regular, and the process of losing weight will be stalled.

The same will happen with physical activity ifOnly you miss charging, then the next time you find the reason why you want to miss it again, but this time with less remorse. Before choosing what exercises to do and how to choose a style of food, you need to think several times, because you have to live with them for a long time.

Lose weight quickly, does not mean spectacularly
I want to lose weight and lose weight faster, but hereThe main thing is not to overdo it. For the body is considered safe weight loss for the body to lose weight not more than 3 kilograms per week. Do not choose such diets that promise you to part with extra pounds in 7 days, for 7 weeks. This weight loss will become a serious stress for the body. You can not give up fat, carbohydrates or proteins, these are the elements that should be in the diet, and proper nutrition will be varied food.

With sport, you need to be careful. If the last time you were at school doing exercises, then you need to start with simple exercises. Even if you are a sports person, try not to overwork. If you become tired of training, then the desire to play sports with you will soon disappear.

Lose Weight Together
If you lose weight with your boyfriend, friend,Mum, the achievements of the partner will always lash to new achievements. You can lose weight on a dispute or arrange a competition. Try to choose the type of exercise and diet you have, in particular, if you live together.

Note Success
To the desire to lose weight we go in small steps, andA small, even a small victory should be celebrated. For example, you want to lose weight by three sizes. And whenever you change the size, update the wardrobe and buy for yourself something necessary and pleasant. All this will induce you to fight against completeness. So nice to buy pants for size smaller.

And in conclusion we say - doing daily exercises, eating properly and observing the rules of weight loss, you can achieve the desired result.

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