/ / How to determine the gender of the unborn child? Determine the sex of the child according to the table. Folk methods help to know the gender of the child.

How to determine the gender of the unborn child? Determine the sex of the child according to the table. Folk methods help to know the gender of the child.

The sex of the child can be calculated by referring to a special table, which is also called the "Chinese calendar" or to use the experience of grandmothers. You can take advantage of both.

Folk methods

Surprisingly, somehow the grandmother, looking at the pregnant woman, determines "by eye", whom she is waiting for. Of course, the probability is not one hundred percent, but there is something in it.

  • It is said that a woman who looks veryBeautifully during pregnancy expects a boy. If the appearance of the future mother leaves much to be desired (skin color and condition worsens), most likely she will give birth to a girl, since the future beauty "selects" beauty.
  • Take a close look at the stomach. In the round, the girl often lives, and if he sharpens a bit, there is a boy there. It is better to consider this from the back - if the stomach can be seen, there is a girl.

  • The sex of the unborn child can also be determined by the taste preferences of the pregnant woman. Boys "prefer" meat and all the salty. If you are drawn to a sweet - wait for the girl.

Of course, there are no scientific proofs for these, but since they are passed on from generation to generation for centuries, it is worth considering.

Calendars and calculations

There are mathematical ways to calculate the genderFuture child. To do this, arm yourself with a calculator. Also you need to know the day when according to plan you will give birth. From your age, subtract the number 19, add to the resulting figure the number of the month (planned birth). Look at the final result, if the number is even - a girl, an odd number - a boy.

There is another mathematical formula. To calculate you need to know exactly the day of conception. First multiply 3 by the number of conception, subtract the age of the mom from the obtained value. To this value, add 1. Finally, from 49, subtract the obtained value. The decipherment is simple again: even - the boy, the odd - the girl.

Quite interesting is the theory of "renewalBlood ". As you know, a woman's blood is renewed once every three years, and for men, four. Then a simple formula will allow you to calculate, whose blood at the time of conception was younger. To do this, simply divide the age of the mother by three, and the fathers by four. At whom the result is less, that is younger. If father is a boy, mother is a girl.

Chinese calendar

A very common method of determining sexChild - Chinese calendar. This is a kind of table that predicts the result based on the woman's age and month of conception. It's the easiest, because you do not have to count, watch or guess anything. It is enough to look at the table.

Of course, you can use all these methods, butUntil now, only the results of ultrasound are the most accurate. Thus, it can be determined as early as week 14, which you can not do so early with the help of folk methods. Therefore, it is not necessary to assume, it is better to use proven and safe methods.

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