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How to get on the labor exchange for a pregnant woman: documents and advice. Can I get on the stock exchange pregnant?

It is important to remember that a pregnant woman can only join the labor exchange if her pregnancy has not exceeded thirty weeks.

Attention! You have no right to refuse if the gestation period has reached 30 weeks. If on your way an unscrupulous employee of the employment center has met, be sure to insist on your own.

Unfortunately, there are situations when a pregnant womanA woman is fired without observing the law. Then it is necessary to get on the labor exchange within 14 days after the dismissal. It is very important to do it on time so that you do not have any difficulties.

How to get on the labor exchange for a pregnant woman?

To many times not to contact the employment service it is worth carefully preparing all the necessary documents. To get on the stock exchange a pregnant woman needs to be presented to the inspector:

  • Passport
  • Identification code
  • Certificate (for those who did not receive higher education) or diploma
  • Certificate of insurance from a pension fund
  • The workbook and income statement for the last three months (if you worked)
  • Savings book (if you do not have it, you need to register with Sberbank)

It should be noted that the employees of the employment centerMay require additional documents and you must provide them. If you do not need anything, you will be asked to write a statement and put on the register after which you will receive monthly social benefits (unemployment benefits). The longer you stay in the status of unemployed, the less you will receive. In the first three months it will be 75% of your salary at the last job, the next four - 60%, then 40%.

Interesting! Regardless of how much you earned on your last job, more than 4900 rubles. You will not get. If the information on income did not exist, your allowance will be only 890 rubles.

If you stand on the stock exchange for the first timePregnancy, you will receive payments as an unemployment benefit for 30 weeks. As soon as the gestation period is more than 30 weeks, by law you go on maternity leave. For the employment center, this means that payments are terminated, because in the official language you are on a sick leave.

After childbirth, you need to contact the social protection center. After registering there, you will receive "childcare" payments until you reach the age of 1.5.

And suddenly they will offer work?

Please note that in the first 10 days from the moment youYou registered at the labor exchange, you will be offered two options for work. Of course, this will happen if there are proposals suitable for your qualification. If you refuse them, the payments will cease.

In addition, do not hide from the staffCenter of employment is the fact of your pregnancy. First, it is illegal, and secondly, the mystery will very soon become obvious and it can end even with an administrative fine.

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