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Places of growth of a plant and its basic medical properties.

Surely many have heard that before the smallChildren were drunk just in the broth of this herb. And it's not just that. Lubistok has not only a pleasant spicy smell, but also a beneficial effect on the skin, relieves irritation and heals small wounds.

Today we will tell you what properties this herb possesses and how it is used in folk medicine.

Healing properties

  • Our ancestors took the remedy from the roots of the lover, to cope with dropsy.
  • Although in many countries, the beloved is on the listOfficial medicine, our traditional medicine does not adhere to this trend. Nevertheless, the broths of the plant help to cope with diseases of internal organs and to establish the process of digestion.
  • The herb well relieves swelling, struggles with anorexia and normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • Specialists in traditional medicine recommendTake it to people who suffer from rheumatism and kidney disease. Some even believe that a decoction of a lover can relieve a feeling of fullness of the stomach and eliminate eructations.
  • For external use of the medicinal plant, compresses are prepared to heal purulent wounds and ulcers more quickly.
  • Not without the beauty of women. To make hair more shiny and silky, special tinctures are rubbed into the scalp.

Harvesting rules

To prepare yourself somePeople's remedy, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of specialists. Most often use the root of the plant, which should be excavated in late autumn, when there are no flowers. Before this, roots are considered poisonous.

But the course is not only underground parts. Fresh leaves are applied to the head to relieve pain, young stems are allowed to chew the children to rid them of worms, and the dried leaves are added to the teas.

Important! When preparing any decoction or tincture, never bring the liquid with the roots or leaves of the lover to a boil.

Several recipes of the most effective drugs

From hair loss

Two teaspoons of the dry crushed root are steamed in the thermos, filling the raw with a glass of boiling water. The agent should be left for five hours, and then cooled, filtered and rubbed into the scalp.

Rinse off with clean hot water, first brushing the hair with egg yolk.

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Male power

To increase sexual activity, prepareAlcohol tincture lovage. Two teaspoons of rootlets (preferably if they are fresh) are poured a bottle of vodka or alcohol (500 ml) and insist in a closed glass container for two months.

Take recommended for a dessert spoon after seven in the evening.

From edema

You can prepare a compress or simply apply a gruel from the leaves to relieve swelling. But those who constantly suffer from this ailment, it is necessary to prepare a remedy for internal use.

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A tablespoon of leaves pour a glass of boiling waterAnd allow to infuse in a thermos for three hours, and then cool. Take should be a tablespoon thirty minutes before a meal. Since a lover can intensify the outflow of blood, it can not be consumed with excessive monthly, uterine bleeding or hemorrhoids. Pregnancy is also on the list of contraindications.

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