/ Indications for the use of grass: diseases of the digestive and respiratory tract.

Indications for the use of grass: diseases of the digestive and respiratory tract.

Already later hyssop appeared in our country, mainly for growing in monasteries. But it began to be used not only for religious purposes, but also for flavoring liqueurs and other drinks.

Healing properties

Our ancestors used this fragrant grass not only as an additive to food or as a subject of religious rites. They called it the blue hunter, and sometimes it's just iSop.

  1. The ancient Greeks used hyssop to relieve inflammation and fight bacteria when healing wounds and abrasions. This tradition has come in our time.
  2. In addition, the ability of the plant to help excrete sputum and to exert an exciting effect was known from time immemorial.
  3. For internal use, hyssop is used as an agent for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the kidney and bladder, and for controlling worms.
  4. Also, hyssop effectively helps to cure a person from respiratory system diseases (chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma).
  5. For external use, blue hunters are used to counter conjunctivitis, rheumatism and to remove excessive sweating.

How to collect?

Since the hyssop smell is quite strong, immediatelyIt becomes clear that it consists of many essential oils. To get them, you need to use fresh leaves and stems, which you need to collect in May, when the plant has not yet begun to blossom.

The leaves and upper parts of the plant help in healing wounds, preparing from infusions, decoctions and compresses.

Prescriptions of drugs from this herb

  • To cure skin diseases, for example,Eczema, it is recommended to take a bath with the infusion of a plant. Prepare it fairly simply: a few handfuls of herbs pour boiling water, let stand for several minutes. Then strain and pour into the tub. The proportion of water and grass is of no fundamental importance.
  • The same steamed dry grass fits inAs a means of external application, so that hematomas and large bruises quickly resolved. You just need to moisten a clean cloth or a bandage in the liquid and attach it to the bruised place.
  • For the respiratory tract, the following tincture is prepared. 50 grams of herbs pour a bottle of vodka or alcohol (500 g) and insist in a dark place for seven days. Then the liquid must be filtered from the remains of grass and taken on a tablespoon before each meal, but no more than four times a day.
  • To regulate the digestiveTract and get rid of various diseases of the abdominal cavity other means. The herb of hyssop should be brewed like regular tea, but insisted for an hour, then strain and drink during the day with small sips.

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Hyssop is strictly contraindicated to pregnant women on anyTerm, as well as those who suffer from epilepsy and hypertension. Even the external application of compresses with several drops of essential oil can cause these people to have airway cramps.

There were no facts of overdose, since hyssop, though pleasant, but quite a sharp smell. So take too much of the dose you are unlikely to get because of the rich flavor.

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