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How to properly clean the intestines of toxins

Why do we need to clean the intestines of toxins and what are they harmful for?

Before we talk about the dangers of slags, let'sFirst we define this concept. Slags are called congestions of harmful mucus and stones, which, as a rule, settle on the walls of the intestine. Scientists consider the use of fast carbohydrates, fats, marinades and smoked products as the reason for the appearance of slags. Clogging the lumen of the intestines, slags interfere with the normal processing of food and its utilization. This is what becomes the main cause of metabolic disorders and, as a result, excess weight. In addition, slags are an excellent medium for the development and vital activity of parasites.

But the main danger of slag is thatThese substances are extremely toxic to the human body. Since all the main components that come with food are absorbed through the intestine, it is not surprising that with a slagged body, toxins will spread rapidly to all organs.

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In addition to excess weight and frequent constipation, people,Suffering from slags, often have liver, kidney, pancreas, become allergic, have skin problems, are prone to frequent neuroses and depressions. Often there is an interaction with the organs of the reproductive system, which provokes inflammatory processes and disorders.

Diets, starvation and bran for bowel cleansing

Compliance with the purification diet does not imply at allTo exhaust your body with one specific product and eat a minimum of calories a day. The only restriction is eating fried, fatty, smoked, salted and pickled. In the diet, you need to include more foods that contain fiber (vegetables, fruits, cereals), drink more liquid (in the morning), only dietary (rabbit, chicken) is allowed from the meat.

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Very useful for cleansing the intestine will bebran. This product is able not only to absorb and carry with it all the harmful formations of the digestive system, but also to give a significant feeling of satiety. Bran can be eaten separately, washed down with water, and added to vegetable salads and dough.

Fasting is recommended to be carried out gradually. To start, it will be enough one day a month, in which you will limit yourself only to water and kefir. Gradually you can spend more frequent "cleansing" days: 2-3 times a month. To achieve maximum effect, doctors recommend using activated charcoal or polysorb.

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As you can see, all methods for purifying the intestine do not require special conditions and unpleasant actions. All that is needed is will power and a desire to improve your health!

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