/ What are the causes of weakness and drowsiness?

What are the causes of weakness and drowsiness?

Who is most susceptible to weakness and drowsiness?

As it is not sad, but there are no age limits for these ailments - both old and young suffer. Of great importance is the presence of chronic diseases, activity, nutrition, sleep and the state of the nervous system.

So, for example, do not be surprised if youHave a whole "bouquet" of diseases that affect the state of blood vessels, stomach, liver, brain. The most common clinical manifestation of the majority of chronic ailments is weakness and excessive desire to sleep.

As for activity, there existsA kind of paradox - the more a person saves himself from physical exertion, the less energy he feels in his body. If your work involves lack of mobility, then try to find a couple of hours a week to visit the pool, fitness or just walk in the fresh air.

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Also, we recommend that you revise your diet. Do not blame nature and circumstances, if you yourself supply your body with harmful and high-calorie foods. Excess weight, blockage of blood vessels, formation of toxins - these are the main factors resulting from malnutrition, which deprive you of the tone and joy of life.

A healthy sleep is also important for our life. On average, a person needs about 7-9 hours to feel like a sleeper. It is very important to observe your biological rhythm.

The concept of larks and owls is not an empty phrase, so try to tailor your activities to "your hours".

And the most frequent reason leading people toWeakness and drowsiness is the state of the nervous system. Stresses, neuroses, hysterics and depression - all this nonweak takes away our vital energy. Of course, it's hard to completely shield yourself from such experiences, but at least try to minimize them due to self-adjustment and positive thoughts.

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How to get rid of weakness and desire to sleep constantly

Fortunately, there are many naturalPower engineers and simple methods of suppressing these symptoms. Foods include natural coffee (no more than 2 cups a day), black and green tea, freshly squeezed juices (preferably a combination of several fruits or vegetables), drinks with the addition of ginseng or ginger extract and chocolate of black varieties.

To the physical methods of giving strength and energyAre: a small 10-minute charge (in the morning and in the middle of a working day). In addition, try to breathe deeply. Additional saturation of the body with oxygen has a beneficial effect on your performance.

We hope that you will take these recommendations into your arms and will feel like a real living creature. And drowsiness and weakness will be forgotten, like a terrible dream. Good luck and be well!

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