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Causes of what a person is losing weight, why can a person lose weight


From what grow thin: the main types of diseases
Why am I losing weight? Diseases not disturbing the appetite
Losing weight without a reason: what is the most common?
From what grow thin: the conclusion

From what grow thin: the main types of diseases

Remember that nothing happens in our body without any reasons. Each process in our body is accompanied by certain circumstances, including weight gain or weight loss.

The main reasons for losing weight are various diseases that do not immediately manifest themselves. To detect them at early stages is possible only with the help of examination in the hospital.

Carefully look at the diseases below and their features:

  • Various diseases of the digestive tract. Characterized by a decrease in appetite and the intake of nutrients in the body. Such ailments include gastritis, ulcers, problems with bile-excreting pathways. And it is not necessary that illnesses appear in the form of pains in the abdomen, it may happen that you will not suspect of chronic gastritis, complaining about anything else;
  • Severe nervous disorders and depression completely discourage the desire not only to eat, but also block the normal functioning of the body, preventing it from making up for weight loss;
  • Infectious diseases, malignant tumors also reduce appetite and promote rapid weight loss.

Lose weight: causes

Why am I losing weight? Diseases not disturbing the appetite

If there are no causes in diseases above and withYour appetite is good, then, probably, the reason may be hidden in diseases in which the appetite remains at a normal or even high level and despite this there is a significant loss of kilograms. To such disease carry:

  • Diabetes;
  • Various parasites blocking the intake of substances, worms;
  • Malabsorption (loss of nutrients due to lack of absorption in the intestine);
  • A number of diseases that increase the body's energy expenditure, but do not manifest immediately (such as pheochroctomy, a tumor whose symptoms are periodic attacks of fear and stress)

Losing weight without a reason: what is the most common?

Indeed, there are a number of ailmentsWhy people lose weight, including cancer, but in most cases they do not. Oncology, for example, produces a sharp weight loss, which you would necessarily feel and suspected something was amiss. Less noticeable and frequent causes of what a person is losing weight, are:

  • Helminths. You can live years without realizing that all this time, feed the fluke or tapeworm, devouring enough of the many micronutrients originally intended for the human body. According to statistics, every second inhabitant of the planet is infected with one or another kind of worms. It is possible that you are not an exception;
  • Ordinary systematic stress, nervousDisorders are not as harmless as they seem from the outside. In the future, they give multiple complications on the gastrointestinal tract. Food is poorly digested and the necessary substances are not removed from it;
  • It seems that you eat a lot and stillIs the weight reduction? The causes of weight loss lie in an unbalanced diet. You can eat a lot of fruits or vegetables, but absolutely do not pay attention to carbohydrate-containing foods, such as potatoes, or vice versa, there is a small amount of protein. If there is no important microelement, the body independently extracts it, splitting its own reserves, that is, "eating itself."

From what grow thin: the conclusion

Experts recommend for any incomprehensibleProcesses in the body, including losing weight, go to doctors and undergo special examinations, pass tests for parasites, as well as other less common types of diseases, and examine the stomach from a gastroenterologist (including using a probe). The main thing is to know, nothing happens without reasons, especially weight loss.

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