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Nervous breakdown: symptoms, causes, treatment

Nervous breakdown: causes

Causes of a nervous breakdown can be very diverse, but several main ones are distinguished, in which the symptoms of a nervous breakdown are manifested especially long and hard:

  • Failures in personal relationships. After a long married life, the spouses are divorced or unable to find a consensus for a long time;
  • Financial setbacks. These include the inability to pay off loans, debts, lack of money for any means of first-aid, etc .;
  • The problem at work is also one of the main reasons why the nervous system can be on a breakdown.

Much less often, conflicts lead to strife with outsiders, minor setbacks and other factors. Although, of course, much depends on the person's personality.

Symptoms of a nervous breakdown

Manifestations of CNS depletion can be accompanied by physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms.

It is customary to refer to the physical:

  • Reduced activity, constant body fatigue;
  • Long sleep or insomnia;
  • Migraine;
  • Low sexual desire;
  • Absence or increased appetite;
  • Prolonged states of anxiety, fears, experiences.

To behavioral:

  • Strange, atypical for a person behavior;
  • Sharp mood change;
  • The manifestation of aggression, the desire to commit violence towards other people.

To the emotional:

  • Feelings of anxiety, guilt;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Tearfulness;
  • Lack of interest in work, walks and the world around in principle;
  • Dependence on alcohol or drugs;
  • Frequent thoughts about death, or vice versa about the characteristics and exclusivity of the individual.

If you do not treat the nervous breakdown, then fromShort-term phenomenon, it will turn into a long-term depression. In long-term psychological disorders, undesirable processes occur in the body that are associated with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems, namely: loss of appetite, tachycardia, angina pectoris or hypertension, nausea, sweating, diarrhea or constipation, migraine and others. Ailments.

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How to treat a nervous breakdown

When the situation becomes reallyCritical and manifestations of mental exhaustion are delayed for weeks, it is worth to appear to a specialist. As a rule, prescribe a course of neuroleptics and tranquilizers, rest in a sanatorium. If the case is started, then a course of treatment in a specialized clinic may be needed, but this happens extremely rarely.

Experts do not recommend to ignoreManifestations of a nervous breakdown for a long time, since very few people can say when the line between "manifestation", a common for all and a disease requiring professional treatment, is crossed.

Many people consider a nervous breakdown positiveManifestation. On the one hand, in some ways this helps to "discharge", on the other - frequent disruptions will simply burn the body from within. Be careful and watch your health!

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