/ Why should I change my toothbrush on a regular basis?

Why do I need to change my toothbrush on a regular basis?

Why is it recommended that the toothbrush be changed regularly?

The main reason for the necessary replacement isThe fact that this subject concentrates in itself a huge number of bacteria that can easily cause diseases of the mouth. Externally, your brush can be perfectly perfect, but, alas, you can not see with the naked eye those microorganisms that live on it. Even on a dry, clean, toothbrush, there can be a huge concentration of microbes, the number of which will be several times higher than the microbial colonies on the toilet.

In addition, the bristles have the property of wear. Depending on your cleansing, the brush hair can eventually spread into different or some specific side, which is very adversely affected by the state of the tooth enamel. Also, the bristles are able to soften, which makes the tooth cleaning process ineffective when removing food particles. Worn bristles can not provide additional massaging of the gums, which can lead to their weakening, and consequently to their inflammation and loosening of the teeth.

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Exhausted toothbrushes are not able to save even a superficial plaque, and this, in turn, can cause tartar, which can be got rid of only by a cheap procedure.

In order that during 3-4 months yourThe toothbrush did not become a source of problems, it is recommended to rinse off toothpaste well, shake off the water and rinse each week in alcohol. In a general glass, as is customary in large families, brushes are not recommended to store, as the dental diseases of one of the households can move to another.

As for the choice of a brush, most people are like bristles of medium hardness, like how it perfectly removes plaque, but does not injure soft gum tissue and enamel itself.

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What can you expect if you change the toothbrush, less often than recommended?

We do not want to intimidate you at all, we just want to convey that such a seemingly worthless attention, the aspect is able to very much impair the condition of the oral cavity.

Disease-causing bacteria that actively multiply in bristles can cause diseases such as caries, various kinds of stomatitis and gingivitis.

Do not be surprised if using an old brush, you will have blood from the gums - this is the beginning periodontitis, ignoring which leads to loss of teeth.

We hope that these recommendations of dentists are notWill be a trifle for you, and you will listen to them. As they say, to warn is better than cure. Do not forget about routine visits to dentistry, daily care and often change the toothbrush, then your teeth will be the most healthy and beautiful!

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