/ What is the normal pressure in a person?

What is the normal pressure in a person?

Most people do not even suspect thatTheir pressure is severely impaired, than they continue to complicate the state of their body. So what pressure should be? What is his norm for different people? Read more about this.

Some information about the pressure in humans

It should be taken into account that this is primarily a levelBlood pressure in the arteries, which is an indicator of the state, as well as the work of the vessels and heart. A lot of diseases are manifested by unstable blood pressure, which is why experienced doctors perform a physical examination during a physical examination. Most people that the body's condition is evaluated as healthy, have stable and average pressure indicators. But nevertheless, even they often have small fluctuations and violations in blood pressure. This can contribute to physical activity, excessive fluid in the body, stress and even joyful experiences. But most often violations of AD contribute to excess weight, osteochondrosis, blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques, alcoholism and diseases of the nervous system.

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Normal pressure, what are its indicators

Tonometer measurement of blood pressure - this is a refinement with whichForce blood pressure on the walls of arterial vessels. The received digital indicators are accepted to record through a fraction. For example, 130/90 mm. Gt; St: 130 is the index of the upper pressure, 90 - the lower one. But as already said, even in a healthy person these figures can be different at different times of the day. For example, during sleep, blood pressure decreases slightly, but on awakening, the regulating mechanisms of the body bring it back to normal. And if in the human body due to any reasons, these systems fail, then, consequently, the pressure begins to be violated.

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Normal pressure is an indicator that is independent ofFrom sex or age. The most optimal indicator of healthy blood pressure is considered to be figures of 12080 mm. Gt; Art. If a person regularly experiences lowered rates, then it speaks of hypotension, if hypertension is associated with hypertension. It is a mistake to believe that the age-related increase in pressure is considered normal. You can diagnose hypertension when the blood pressure is 14090 mm for at least three times a month. Gt; Art. Hypertension has the greatest risk of vascular and cardiac disease, especially at the age of 50. For hypotonic patients, the indices of a tonometer are 10060 mm. Gt; And although these figures do not represent a fatal risk, they still affect the overall well-being.

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We hope that we have clarified the pressureA person is considered normal. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, a more positive attitude and your rates will always be 120 to 80. Be healthy!

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