/ / Jess: user manual, reviews. Analogues of the contraceptive Jess.

Jess: user manual, reviews. Analogues of the contraceptive Jess.

Jess tablets are part of a group of single-phaseMicrodosed oral contraceptives. Due to drospirenone, which is part of the preparation, Jess warns the appearance of edema and weight gain, softens the premenstrual syndrome, helps reduce the signs of fatty hair / skin, acne (acne). Jess does not differ from estrogenic, androgenic, glucocorticoid activity, which provides a preparation similar to natural progesterone profile.

Jess: composition

  • Active substances: drospirenone, ethinyl estradiol;
  • Auxiliary substances: corn starch, lactose monohydrate, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, talc.

Jess: instructions for use

The contraceptive is used daily, at a certainWhile drinking the tablet with a small amount of water. A break in admission is unacceptable, the standard scheme: a tablet once every 24 hours, for 28 days. Begin reception Jess follows on the first day of menstruation (menstrual bleeding). It is allowed to shift reception on the 2nd-5th day of menstruation, provided that the barrier method of contraception is used during the first week of taking the tablets. If you are late in receiving Jess at 12 o'clock the protection does not decrease. If the delay was more than 12 hours, the contraceptive protection begins to decrease.

Fundamental rules:

  • The administration of Jess is not interrupted for more than 4 days;
  • To achieve optimal suppression of the ovarian system requires a week of continuous intake of tablets.

Indications for use:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancy;
  • Treatment of vulgar acne (purulent inflammation of the hair follicle / sebaceous gland);
  • Therapy of severe premenstrual syndrome.


  • Cerebrovascular disorders, thromboembolism and thrombosis in the anamnesis;
  • Angina pectoris, transient ischemic attacks;
  • Migraine with pronounced symptoms;
  • Complicated diabetes mellitus;
  • Pathology of valvular cardiac apparatus, arrhythmia, cerebral vascular disease, arterial hypertension;
  • Hepatic insufficiency, liver tumors (malignant / benign);
  • Pancreatitis, lactation period, pregnancy;
  • Vaginal bleeding of an unexplained genesis;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the Jess tablets.

Risk factors:

  • Herpes of pregnant women, jaundice, otosclerosis;
  • Smoking, impaired cerebral circulation;
  • Extensive trauma, surgical interventions;
  • Phlebitis of superficial veins, lupus, ulcerative colitis;
  • Obesity, heart failure, cholestasis.

Side effect:

  • Pain in the mammary glands;
  • Nausea, uterine bleeding irregular;
  • Venous / arterial thromboembolism;
  • Erythema multiforme, migraine;
  • Loss / decrease of libido;
  • Depressed mood / depression, mood swings.

Jess: reviews and analogues

Jess tablets - oral contraceptiveThe latest generation, which has a minimal set of side effects, which causes a sparing effect on the woman's body. The drug is well tolerated, effectively inhibits ovulation, reduces the risk of developing ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer by an order of magnitude. With repeated intake of toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenic potential for the reproductive system was not revealed. Analogues: Yarina, Dimiya.

Positive reviews:

  • High contraceptive effect (98-99%);
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle: the intensity of bleeding decreases, menstruation is painless;
  • Relieves premenstrual discomfort;
  • Improves the condition of nails, reduces the fat content of the hair / skin, heals acne:
  • Serves to prevent ectopic pregnancy.


  • Does not protect against genital infections and STDs;
  • Provokes serious side effects, including arterial thromboembolism;
  • The need to adhere strictly to the admission scheme;
  • Prohibition of admission during breastfeeding.

Jess: reviews of doctors

Gynecologists find a high contraceptiveThe effectiveness of Jess tablets, which, in addition to the profile action, ensure minimization of hormonal fluctuations, neutralize manifestations of PMS, treat acne. Against the background of the use of the drug, weight decreases, swelling goes away, the lipid spectrum improves. Before the beginning of the course, you need a medical examination, checking the organs of the abdominal cavity, mammary glands, cervix to identify possible contraindications. Specialists recommend Jess tablets as an effective and safe oral contraceptive to nulliparous girls, women of reproductive age until the onset of menopause.

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