/ How to put on a condom: instruction, advantages. What to do if the condom tore

How to put on a condom: instruction, advantages. What to do if the condom tore

Indications for condom use:

  • Prevention of HIV infection and STDs;
  • Rare sexual intercourse, or / and late reproductive age;
  • A temporary method of protection during a pause in the use of an intrauterine device or hormonal tablets;
  • Use in conjunction with other methods (rhythmic method).


  • Allergic reactions to latex, spermicides;
  • A significant reduction in sensitivity or erectile dysfunction.

Advantages of using a condom:

  • Accessibility, simplicity, protection from genital infections;
  • The possibility of application for the therapy of allergies to sperm and immunological infertility;
  • Absence of systemic influence on partners' organisms;
  • Prevention of cervical oncology in women;
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation.

How to use a condom correctly

  • It is necessary to always check on the packaging the storage period and the date of manufacture of the product, the expired shelf life - the reason to discard the condom;
  • Keep condoms in a cool dry place, high temperature destroys latex;
  • Before you wear a condom you need to carefully study the instructions;
  • The package must be free of punctures or damage. Sealed packaging contains a small air bubble, if it is not felt, the condom should be discarded;
  • It is necessary to open the package carefully, trying not to damage the condom. Do not use scissors or other sharp objects;
  • How to put on a condom correctly? The product is worn on the erect penis, before penetration and any tactile contact with the genitalia of the partner. Important: the presenant fluid contains spermatozoa and infectious agents;
  • The condom should be rolled in the right direction: placed on the head of the penis, easy to roll out and cover the penis. Put fingers under the condom is not necessary;
  • Before the condom is rolled out, it is necessary to squeeze the end of the condom with your fingers and squeeze out the air. If this is not done, the product may break with ejaculation;
  • At the end of the condom should be left spermatheca - space without air;
  • After ejaculation remove the condom tightlyHolding his edge with his fingers, gently pulling the penis out of the anal vagina of the partner. After removing the used condom tie a knot at a certain distance from the partner's genitals and discard;
  • At anal contact, condoms break more often, so it is recommended to use more lubricant on a silicone / water base;
  • You can not wear a latex condom twice, wear two condoms at the same time.

If the condom has torn

  • Not later than 1-1,5 hours after the sexual actRinse the urethra, penis, vagina, crotch antiseptic - this will help to neutralize the infection. Regular use of antiseptics is not recommended, they break the microflora and kill pathogenic bacteria;
  • When a condom is the main method of prevention, it is worth thinking about taking emergency contraceptive - Escapela and Postinor. More information about emergency contraceptive methods can be found here.

Even if partners know how to put onA condom and use it correctly, it can tear. In this case, after 30 days, check for chlamydosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and after 3 months - to pass tests for hepatitis C / V and HIV. If one of the partners is HIV-positive, the couple should contact the AIDS Prevention Center about post-coital HIV prevention.

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