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Products that age the skin

Semifinished products

Semi-finished products contain trans fats. Excess of which leads to the fact that the skin loses its tone and becomes sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. Trans fats are formed as a result of processing of vegetable oil and are needed to increase the shelf life of products. All that is prepared by reheating in 5 minutes in a microwave or deep-fried food negatively affects our appearance.


This invigorating drink draws moisture out of the skinCovers, there is dryness, the complexion deteriorates. So do not abuse it. A day can not be more than 12 cups and for each cup should have a glass of water, in addition to the daily rate.


A glass of red wine a day is, of course, useful forHeart muscle, but this is provided that the case takes place in the fresh air and with the right snack. In the rest of the time, do not wait for bonuses from libations. Alcohol strongly dehydrates the body, the skin turns red and dries, swelling arises.

Carbonated drinks

Soda is a lot of sugar, which spoils the relationship between your skin and collagen. And also destructively affects the condition of the teeth.

Energetic drinks

Energy is sugar and caffeine, hence: dehydration, loss of elasticity, gray complexion. And the teeth affect several times worse than carbonated drinks.

Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are very quickly absorbedThe body and contain a lot of sugar. Due to which the collagen is destroyed and the skin becomes less elastic and elastic. Also, such a large amount of sugar provokes a sharp jump in insulin, with a minimum of nutritional value, which affects the vessels and the figure. Certainly. So when planning the menu, avoid: white bread, pasta, potatoes and white rice.


Sweets are pure sugar. Excess is attached to the collagen, thereby making the skin less elastic, plus the regeneration process slows down. Control the amount of sugar is not so simple, it is not enough to stop putting it in your tea and coffee, sugar is now contained in almost all products that are sold in stores: from lemonade to ketchup.


In small doses, the salt is useful, but not its surplus. It dehydrates, which affects the whole body and the skin badly.

Fried dishes

The ruddy crust on your dish is dangerous highThe level of glycation products that destroy collagen in the skin and exacerbate pigmentation. Therefore, your choice is grilling and steaming, well, or reduce the amount of oil when frying to a minimum.

Spicy dishes

Sharp spices enemies of skin vessels, their abuse provokes the appearance of pigmentation, vascular asterisks and acne.

Red meat

Ideally, all meat should be removed from the diet, butWe will not be so radical. Exclude for starters only red meat, which contains free radicals, damaging healthy skin cells and reducing their protective function.

To keep the skin young, eat moreNatural products that have prepared themselves. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, our moisturizing is everything, for the face skin and well-being in general.

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