/ How to quickly cure a cough at home for 1 day. Treatment of cough with folk remedies

How quickly to cure cough at home for 1 day. Treatment of cough with folk remedies

Cough is the most common symptomCatarrhal and viral diseases of the respiratory system. It arises as a result of constant irritation of the throat and accompanies such diseases as bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia. Moreover, cough can be one of the manifestations of allergic reactions. That is why when treating a symptom, it is first of all necessary to determine its cause - directly the disease itself, and, of course, take measures to eliminate the cough. Today we will talk about how to quickly cure cough at home.

How to quickly cure cough at home for 1 day using herbs?

Cure cough quickly from a long time helpedVarious herbal preparations. It is not necessary at occurrence of tussis at once to address to medicines in the form of syrups or sugar candies. After all, if you think about, they also include mainly extracts from different plants supplemented with medicinal products of chemical origin. That is why it is better to try the treatment with folk methods first. To conquer dry cough at home will help such herbs as violet or mother-and-stepmother. Flowers violets have an excellent expectorant effect, and the mother-and-stepmother also has an anti-inflammatory effect. To use these herbs is best in the form of tea. For its correct preparation, we need 2 tablespoons of dried flowers of violets or mother-and-stepmother, 250 g of water and a saucepan. You can buy herbs in any pharmacy, but if you have the opportunity, in the summer you can pick flowers on your own and dry it.

Way of tea preparation:

  1. First we bring water to a boil, then we fill it with flowers.
  2. With the help of the second vessel create a steam bath and insist on it for 20 minutes.
  3. After that, we give tea another 20 minutes to brew, filter and drink.

If you use an infusion of violets or mother-and-stepmothersEvery three hours, then a dry cough is guaranteed to pass in the shortest possible time without taking other medications. Already immediately after the first tea, the relief and expectorant effect of the herbs will be felt.

The best cough remedy at home - honey

Honey is a miracle product. It has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the human immune system. When you cough, you can use honey in several ways.

An excellent expectorant isA drink consisting directly of honey and milk, in which you need to add a pinch of soda and a small piece of butter. If the child is hard to force to drink such a drink because of the specific taste of soda, then the adult is quite capable of it.

Also with the help of honey, you can enhance the action of herbal tea. Brew mother-and-stepmother or flowers of violets and just add a tablespoon of honey to the tea. It will become even more useful and tasty.

Another great cough remedy in the homeConditions is a mixture of honey and garlic juice. Such a preparation is prepared quickly and has a sufficiently good therapeutic effect. To prepare the medicine, we need a few cloves of medium-sized garlic and 1-2 tablespoons of honey. Garlic must be crushed with a knife or grater, and pour honey. The mixture should be carefully moved and consumed throughout the day at the same time. If you take garlic with honey in this form, you can dilute the mixture with milk. But the national recipe with milk is best prepared without the pulp of garlic, using only 3-4 teaspoons of juice. The juice should be diluted in 100 g of milk and add a spoonful of honey. Stir the mixture thoroughly and use it every three to four hours.

And, of course, do not forget about the veryA simple recipe that will help get rid of cough quickly at home - about warm milk with honey. This drink perfectly affects the irritated throat and soothes even a very dry cough.

Cough medicine at home - inhalation

Coughing is very effective inhalation. They can be carried out at home using both an inhaler and without it. If you do not have a device, you can get by using a normal pan. In it you need to pour the broth, cover with a dense coverlet or a towel so that there is no evaporation, and breathe steam. For inhalation, you can use any expectorant herb (St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother, licorice, chamomile, oregano) or boiled potatoes. The procedure should last 10-15 minutes, and inhale the aroma of steaming broth is as deep as possible. Steam, which comes from grass or potatoes, perfectly warms the airways. It should be noted that when using potatoes for inhalations it does not need to be cleaned, it is enough just to wash and boil.

If you get sick and do not know how to cure a cough quickly at home, do not immediately run to the pharmacy. Try popular recipes - and the effect will not take long.

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