/ / Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics for health and rejuvenation. Tibetan hormonal gymnastics with video

Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics for health and rejuvenation. Tibetan hormonal gymnastics with video

Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics: the essence and principles

About miracle gymnastics, we learnedrecently. Although in the east Tibetan Oriental gymnastics is very popular. She came to us, according to legend, when Russian specialists helped to conduct a line of electricity in a small Buddhist temple. In gratitude, the monks showed a set of exercises that will give youth and health for many years to come. The essence of health-improving hormonal Tibetan gymnastics for longevity is to perform a complex of simple exercises every day. It is better to do this in the morning before 6.00. Exercise can even children and people of advanced age, without special training and special physical data.

Exercises of hormonal Tibetan gymnastics: video

You can do the exercises without getting out of bed. The main thing is to relax and tune in to the right wave.

Exercise # 1

First, rub your hands. It will take you 1-2 minutes. They should become dry and hot. Wet or warm palms indicate violations in your biofield.

Exercise # 2

Further, hot hands are pressed to the eyelids with a frequency of one click - one second. Do the exercise for 30 seconds. Then hold your hands on the eyelids for 30-60 seconds.

Exercise 3

Cover your ears with your hands, while unfolding your fingers to the back of your head, and press them in the same way as your eyes. Do 30 repetitions.

Exercise 4

Squeeze your hands into fists, put your thumbs behind your ears and press on your face on massage lines. Repeat 30 times.

Exercise 5

Fold the palm on the palm (right top) and massage the forehead from temple to temple 30 times.

Exercise number 6

Tighten the palms together with a ring, make circular movements from the forehead to the crown, while not touching the head. Repeat in different directions.

Exercise # 7

With one hand, we lightly press the thyroid gland, and the other hand in the direction of the navel and back 30 times. At the end of the hand, we hold together on the thyroid gland.

Exercise number 8

30 times perform a circular massage of the abdomen. The right hand should be on top.

Exercise # 9

We lift hands and feet to the top. Note that the palms and feet should be aligned parallel to the bed. Twist them in one and the other side for 30 times. Then shake.

Exercise number 20

Droplet foot for 30 seconds each, you can and longer. Allowed easy massage, rubbing, patting. You can use any oil or cream.

As you could see, the whole complex is enoughSimple in performance and does not take much time. For a more detailed description of hormonal Tibetan gymnastics and performing the exercises themselves, you can look at this video:

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Reviews and contraindications

Obvious contraindications to exerciseNo, but if you feel bad, it's better to see a doctor right away. Positive feedback from those who constantly practice health-improving Tibetan hormonal gymnastics, testify to its high efficiency.

If you decide to improve your health, organize the whole body and live as long as possible, then you should also try hormonal Tibetan gymnastics. You will definitely be satisfied.

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