/ How to lose weight with exercise and without diet?

How to lose weight with exercise and without diet?

How to lose weight without diet: basic principles.

The main principle of losing weight without diets is receiptIn an organism of a smaller number of calories than is consumed. From this principle the following are formed: rational nutrition combined with physical exertion, maximum rest and reduction of stress level.

But with the seeming ease of these principles, they are notJust stick. To get rid of excess weight, it is necessary that these principles enter the life and subconscious of the person. It is not at all easy to introduce this information into the subconscious, and those who want to lose weight understand how to do it right, but they break and violate one or another rule all the time. If the information goes to the subconscious mind, passing the consciousness, the rules should not be violated, since the subconscious can not be critical of the information, and it will fulfill what is laid in it.

If a person can not independentlyTo cope with themselves and with their desires, then psychotherapy will help him. Specialist with the help of special techniques will enter into his subconscious information that will prohibit violation of certain provisions.

Nutrition when losing weight without dieting.

The main task of the so-called rationalNutrition - to provide the body with all the most important substances for life and, as much as possible, to limit the use of harmful products, which are very difficult to refuse, because they are very tasty.

A substance, one of the most necessary, and withoutWhich can not exist the body, is a protein that goes to build cells for the human body. Proteins can be of plant or animal origin. For an organism both those proteins and other proteins are necessary, therefore it is impossible to refuse any kind. Proteins of animal origin are found in low-fat boiled and stewed meat, in fish, eggs, seafood, low-fat dairy products. Proteins of vegetable origin are found in cereals, soy, beans. Exclude from their diet or eat very rarely have all the fat - meat, fish, dairy products, nuts.

Another important substance for the body areCarbohydrates. Very complex carbohydrates, which are found in cereals, in vegetables, in bread from wholemeal flour, are very useful. Simple carbohydrates are found in not very sweet fruits. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that promote the acceleration of metabolic processes, and, consequently, weight loss. To refuse it is necessary from sweet, flour, and also from sweet aerated drinks.

The following substance necessary for an organism -Fats. Meat and dairy products supply animal fats, they are sufficient in low-fat products. Vegetable fats come from vegetable oils, which are added to salads, or from those used for cooking.

Losing weight with exercise, but without diets.

Here, too, there are tricks. Even during short-term sessions with intensive physical exertion, carbohydrate stores are the first to be used, because this is the main energy source that is quickly used. And as soon as the carbohydrate stores are exhausted, the turn of fats comes, which are deposited in the subcutaneous fat.

Stocks of carbohydrates, as already established,Spend 30 minutes later doing sports, which means that the duration of exercise should be at least an hour. Do not necessarily overload your body, you need to give loads feasible. Over time, there is an addiction to the load, and therefore they should be constantly increased by increasing.

You need to exercise 2-3 times a week. The alternation of intensive and short-term loads with light and prolonged exercises, as established, promotes the burning of fats.

In physical exercises, the main thing is to giveGradually load. For example, if a person has still led a sedentary lifestyle, and then, having decided to lose weight with the help of physical training, began to work hard, then it will only hurt himself. The untrained heart can suffer, the muscles will ache after heavy loads, and such a grief-athlete in most cases may no longer want to continue pursuing.

With a gradual increase in loads,Heart (this is also a muscle), and the whole body becomes accustomed to the loads. Over time, exercise will not only be pleasant, but also necessary. They will bring health benefits and help get rid of excess weight.

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