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Solution for inhalation with bronchitis and with a cold. Solution for inhalation (ambroben, lazolvan)

Solution for inhalation

Medicine today is able to offerAn excellent alternative to folk methods of inhalation therapy: a special device called a nebulizer. Its use is considered to be one of the most effective methods for treating colds. In this device, the liquid substance is transformed into an aerosol form, which a person inhales through a special tube.

It should be noted that nebulizersAre divided into types depending on the particle size of the produced aerosol. So, the mesh-nebulizers work on the basis of a piezoelectric crystal and micro-nets, and create particles with a size of 5 microns. Then come pneumatic, jet or compressor nebulizers, in which the aerosol particles have a size of 3.5 to 4.5 microns. Ultrasonic devices give out particles with the size from 1 to 5 microns. However, for such devices, not all inhalation solutions are suitable: do not use medical preparations containing glucocorticosteroids or antibiotics.

How to prepare a solution for inhalation

If you need to expand the bronchi, you shouldTo prepare a solution with bronchodilators. One of the most effective medicines of this group is considered to be the beard. It is especially useful in diseases of the upper respiratory tract in the chronic stage of obstructive nature. In the treatment of bronchial asthma, the berotek and atrovent proved to be very successful. When preparing a solution for inhalation of these drugs, it will be necessary to dilute the drug with saline to a volume of 4 ml. For example, the proportions when inhaled with berodual: 2 ml per procedure for children over 12 years and adults, no more than four times a day; 1 ml for children 6-12 years for one procedure, three times a day; Children under the age of 6 years - 0.5 ml, three times a day.

For softening and natural withdrawal of phlegm inSolutions for inhalation use mucolytics and secretolytics. If difficulties in sputum smearing should be used such drugs as ACTS, Fluimutsil (prices specify in the pharmacy network), which can not be combined with taking antibiotics. When viscous sputum should be used drugs such as Lazolvan or Ambrobene. In this case, you should stop taking antitussive drugs. Concerning the proportions for solutions, it is best to consult with your doctor. And with sinusitis of varying degrees, solutions for inhalation based on sinupret will help.

Of course, you can use the folkMeans. However, it is worth noting that not all such solutions can be used in nebulizers (this should be discussed with the doctor in addition). So, for example, with asthma, you can do inhalations with propolis in a water bath (50 g of wax and 10 g of propolis), inhaling hot air for 10 minutes, 2 times a day. You can also bring pine or fir cones and needles to the boil (0.5 kg of dry weight is needed per glass of water), and then perform steam inhalation sessions, as in the previous case.

Remember that only you are responsible for your healthOr well-being of loved ones. Therefore, before using the described solutions for inhalations, you should carefully read the relevant instructions for medications and consult your doctor. Get treatment properly and never get sick!

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