/ How can I tell if I had chickenpox in my childhood? What tests must I take to know if the person has chickenpox?

How do I know if I had chickenpox in my childhood? What tests must I take to know if the person has chickenpox?

Recall that chickenpox belongs to viralDiseases. It is transmitted through the air and manifests itself on the human body and its mucosa in the form of vesicles. They are terribly itchy and they bring enormous discomfort. In addition, if you tear such a vial on your skin, there will be a scar that can not be cured.

How do you know if you have chickenpox?

To vskidku do it is impossible. The quickest way is to ask your parents. Usually, they remember all the diseases that their child suffered. But, it happens the other way around. Also, there are cases when the disease is hidden and difficult to recognize. So do not be surprised if your parents can not answer your question with confidence.

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The second method is a polyclinic. Find information about your illnesses can be found in the children's polyclinic, which served you at an early age. It does not matter how many years have passed, all the information is in the archives even if you took your medical card from the institution. By the way, you can independently study your map, if it is preserved.

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The third method is a laboratory study. It is conducted in order to determine whether you have antibodies to the virus, and also provides information about the degree of resistance of your body to the chickenpox virus.

By the way, the analysis to hand over in any case is useful, as it will show whether you have developed immunity to chicken pox. After all, even once ill people can get infected again.

Perhaps these are all ways that will help youTo know if you had chickenpox as a child. We recommend that you consult a doctor who will help you decide, give good advice and send you to a laboratory analysis.

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What if you do not have chickenpox?

Fortunately, modern science does not stand still. Now you can protect yourself from almost every disease, including chickenpox. If you are not sick, but suspect that children can get sick and infect you, we recommend that you get an inoculation that will develop immunity and protect your body. True, the vaccine is not intended to provide complete protection against the disease, rather to alleviate its symptoms.

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The adult is more difficult to transfer chickenpox. It is associated with many complications and makes a person incapable of work for almost a month. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor and get vaccinated. At a minimum, you will partially protect yourself from the devastating effects of the virus.

Be healthy!

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