/ / Frostbite of the hands: what to do? Frostbite of the fingers: treatment with folk remedies. How to treat frostbite of the hands?

Frostbite of the hands: what to do? Frostbite of the fingers: treatment with folk remedies. How to treat frostbite of the hands?

First aid with frostbite

There are several degrees of frostbite on the skin of the hands. We will tell you how to deal with the easiest of them (1-2 degrees), as the rest require immediate medical attention.

  1. If you have frostbitten hands, in no caseRub them with a coarse cloth. Trimming with snow will also not help, on the contrary, can further damage, traumatizing it. If you still did this, try to keep your hands clean, since the resulting cracks can "open the door" to the body for various infections.
  2. To warm your hands you just need to go into a warm room and wait a bit. After this, put on the skin an antiseptic bandage, on top of a layer of cotton wool and wrap it all with a woolen or downy kerchief.

  3. Also warm your hands will help rubbing alcoholOr vodka. Do this carefully so as not to burn the top layer of the skin. After grinding, you can immerse your hands in warm water (make sure that it is not hot, maximum 28 degrees). Do not keep them in water for too long, just five minutes, then gently blot and wrap with cotton cloth.
  4. Do not forget that you have to warm your hands not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Make yourself a warm herbal tea. Do not drink alcohol at all, it does not help, and can only do much harm.

Frostbite of the hands: treatment with folk remedies

Folk wisdom often comes to the rescueModern man. With it, you can also cure frostbite of the hands. All the ingredients for the infusions and broths that you need, you can find in the nearest pharmacy.

  1. A bath with chamomile perfectly favorsRestoration of frostbitten skin on the hands. Enough to boil the daisy for three minutes, another 20 minutes to insist and drain. When the broth cool down slightly (up to 28 degrees), put your hands in it and hold it for about 15 minutes. Carefully wipe and anoint the skin with olive oil.

  2. Exactly the same bath can be made from medicinal "marigolds." Instead of olive oil after the bath you can use goat fat.
  3. To get a better effect, you can add a slice of aloe and plantain to the decoction of chamomile or "marigold".

If the blisters on your skin start to appear,Her color changed, and her hands swelled, be sure to call a doctor or go to the nearest clinic. If you do not do it in time, you may get blood poisoning.

Be careful, do not go out in the winter without gloves or clutch. It will beautifully and perfectly protect your handles from frost.

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