/ How to develop a voice for singing at home? Developing exercises for voice and beautiful singing: video.

How to develop a voice for singing at home? Developing exercises for voice and beautiful singing: video.

To develop a voice, there are many different techniques and exercises. They are aimed at developing the diaphragm and setting.

Exercises for the development of diction

Every time before the beginning of classes doRespiratory gymnastics. To do this, inhale deeply 6 times with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Take into account, the breath should be short, and the exhalation slow and prolonged. After that, do a workout for the mouth: move your lips and tongue. So try to achieve their maximum relaxation.

Exercise on pronunciation of syllables

One of the most popular and effectiveExercises, which are taught in primary school. Speak clearly and loudly the syllables that contain voiceless voiced consonants, as well as vowels. For example, spikes, pkt, ptok, vkt. In order not to interrupt, prepare a list of syllables and read them from the paper.

Tongue Twisters

A great way to help you developDiction. You should prepare for it beforehand. Find a few tongue twisters, write them on a sheet of paper and read them out thoughtfully. Each time, read, increasing the tempo. Be careful to clearly pronounce all the letters, this is very important.

Developing a voice

In order to develop a voice you needArmed with a tool, such as a piano and begin to study the scales. The fact is that without a teacher it is difficult to correctly take a note. But it is quite possible to do this if there is an instrument at hand. Press the note before, listen to it and try to play it with your voice. Similarly, do with each note in the scale. Sing each note up and down.

Gradually complicate the task. When you cope with the gamma, try to sing it through a note: to, mi, salt, si. And back: before, la, fa, re.

To understand whether you are doing the exercise correctly,Record your voice on a dictaphone or a mobile phone. By the way, recording devices can become excellent assistants in the process of training. In order to learn the song, try to include the original recording and sing along with the performer. After that, listen to the recording. Thus, you will understand if you have a voice problem.

Exercise for breathing

Breathing is the basis in the process of voice-setting. It is very important to pay attention to the development of the diaphragm. For this, there are special exercises that can be performed even during walks.

  • Try to breathe on the account. To do this, take a short, deep breath. It should be exactly two steps long. After that - exhalation, also two steps. Constantly training, complicate the task and try to bring the score to ten.
  • The second exercise can be done sitting. The scheme is similar to the previous one: inhalation - a delay of two seconds - exhalation. Gradually increase.

  • Lie on your back. One hand should lie on the abdomen, and the other under the waist. Make a short breath in your nose while bulging your belly. Inhale, hold your breath, count to two and exhale slowly. In this case, the stomach must be slowly drawn in and pronounced some sibilant sound.

Remember that voice development is a lengthyA process that requires diligence and regular training. But also remember that he is fully able to you, so start immediately and very soon you will be able to surprise your family and friends.

How to develop a voice - video

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