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How not to take everything to heart at work and at home? How to learn not to take work to heart?

Excessive sensitivity to words orActions can very negatively affect a person. In some cases, you can fall into depression or even get sick. Taking too close to heart, you can earn absent-mindedness, increased pressure, reduced appetite right up to a psychological breakdown. In order to maintain a good state of health, try to get rid of the environment that negatively affects you or work on yourself.

How not to take to heart?

  • Quite often a person takes much close toBecause of his own suspiciousness. In fact, nothing and no one wants him evil, but there is an obsession that is completely untrue. Most often, such a person begins to carefully study the interlocutor, his intonation, facial expressions and finds nonexistent signs of a negative attitude. The only solution is to try to objectively perceive people and situations. Do not fantasize and invent something that is not.
  • Be open to communication and constructiveDialogue. This is a guarantee that you will be able to objectively assess the situation and feel the real attitude of the interlocutor to yourself. If you notice a slight disregard, you can always ask what the problem is. Do not be offended and leave, it is much more effective to build the right line of behavior, more profitable for yourself.

  • It is important to understand that people who offend othersAnd enjoy it often have a low self-esteem. Remember this and never take to heart unpleasant words. Do not let someone's unrealized desires ruin your life.

How not to take to heart stress at work?

Work, even if she is a favorite, sometimes bringsOnly pleasure. On stressful situations, people around react differently and not always screaming in your direction about the untimely performance of the task should be perceived as a disregard for one's personality. In order to create the right relationship with the team, you should not perceive any of their actions related to the work process as a desire to offend. Of course, this does not mean that we must allow water to be carried by ourselves.

Treat most situations with humor, heSaves and does not exaggerate the significance of the negative situation. Do not think badly of people, it's not for nothing that they say that thoughts form reality. If you think about everything in a negative way, it will, so let's think positively and there will be more pleasant and friendly people around.

Learn how to deal with stress. If you learn not to fall into stressful situations at work, you will not have to take them to heart. Remember that at work your ability to soberly and logically reason in any situations is especially appreciated, so try to treat any of them as a professional.

Do not grieve in vain and do not upset others. Behave according to the situation and for sure in your life the amount of negative will decrease significantly and there will be nothing to take to heart, except that joy and pleasant moments.

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