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How to whiten your teeth at home with folk remedies? Independent tooth whitening without harm.

It is worth considering that teeth whitening folkMeans the process is long. In fact, this is a nursing program that should find a place in your work schedule somewhere between the morning brushing of teeth and going to work. Before you start describing popular methods, I want to tell you about the most delicious and enjoyable of them, which stands somewhat apart . Whitening berries strawberries and strawberries - one of the most effective and mouth-watering. In order to return the teeth white color, it is enough to chew a handful of berries every morning and hold the gruel in your mouth. It is enough 10 minutes after that it is necessary to clean a teeth paste. Regular use of this method will soon yield a striking result.

Whiten with peroxide

This is the simplest and cheapest wayTeeth whitening. Its use will help you regain whiteness in just a month of regular use. However, this time depends on their condition, as well as your habits, because excessive consumption of coffee, tea, smoking worsen the color of tooth enamel.

  • You only need hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix them in the proportion of 20 drops of peroxide per 50 g of water. This mixture regularly rinse your mouth.
  • Apply undiluted peroxide to cotton wool and wipe the teeth. Be sure to clean them with paste and rinse thoroughly.

Perhaps, this method seems to you not too pleasant. All because of the specific taste and smell of peroxide. Try to overcome this feeling, because the effectiveness is on the face.</ P>

Tea Tree Oil for Teeth

In order to use this method, youNeed to visit the pharmacy and buy tea tree oil. This is an excellent tool for teeth whitening, but it was only recently discovered. It is also important that the tea tree not only makes the enamel whiter, but also heals the oral cavity. It is not for nothing that modern dentists and cosmetologists actively use it.

Tea tree oil will not make your enamel whiter than its natural color, it will simply remove dirt and plaque. Apply it regularly and soon see the result.

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After you brush your teeth thoroughlyPaste, apply a few drops of oil on the brush and again start cleaning. Do this for exactly two minutes, not paying attention to the numbness that will arise in the mouth.

After this procedure, you will have a sharp taste of tea tree in your mouth. It is worth saying that it is not very pleasant. Get rid of only rinse with salt and water.

After the first time nothing will turn out, procedureMust become a habit. After a week of regular application, you will notice that the tartar has become significantly smaller, and the gum does not bleed any more.

Coal and soda

Surprisingly, it is possible to make teeth whiterUsing black coal. Since ancient times, our ancestors used it for cleaning their teeth, so why not use it now? For this you will need ordinary wood ash.

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In order to whiten teeth with charcoal it is enough to dip a brush in it and brush your teeth. You can also mix it with toothpaste, so it will be much nicer.

No less effective in the process of teeth whiteningsoda. True, it should be used very carefully. The fact is that soda is able to whiten and damage. It negatively affects the enamel and gum, so you should not abuse it.

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Be attentive to your teeth, use dental floss and rinse aid, visit the dentist regularly and you will not need super-bleaching products!

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