/ How to get rid of gas in the stomach at home? How to get rid of gases in the intestines?

How to get rid of gas in the stomach at home? How to get rid of gases in the intestines?

As doctors say, to release the gas quiteNormally up to 14 times during the day. If this happens more often, there is an occasion to reflect and reconsider your lifestyle and diet. All because they are often the root cause of this problem.

What do gases come from?

Gases in the intestine do not appear, they are therealways. All because most of the products in the process of decay release carbon dioxide. The reason for this is carbohydrates, which are contained in them and not fully absorbed by the body. Take, for example, apples. They contain about 20% of carbon dioxide. It is also found in bread and many other products.

It is worth noting that not every organism affectsEqually on products. Therefore, in order to understand whether a dish suits you or not, you should try and follow your reaction. As a result, you will understand that it is necessary to exclude.

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Why do gases smell of rotten eggs?

There are several types of products thatCause not just the emission of gases, but a real storm that can drive you crazy, because the smell is just unbearable. Most often it is caused by legumes, cabbage (white, colored, broccoli), all kinds of onions, raisins and prunes. But the leader is the egg yolk, which turns into hydrogen sulphide. He then adds a "special" smell. Only enzymes can cope with this, which means that you will have to visit the pharmacy.

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How to get rid of gases?

First of all, you need to analyze yourDiet and understand what exactly affects him. It may take a long time, but you will better understand your body and be able to take it under control. To facilitate their condition, it is best to exclude their diet products that, in the opinion of physicians, cause increased gas production. If it does not help, you can use special drugs, but this is only a temporary rescue.

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It is most effective to control and analyze everythingFood that you eat. After breakfast or lunch, follow what is happening in your body for an hour or four. To get the most objective conclusion, it is worth eating separately.

As practice shows, among harmful products usually are dairy and flour products. All because adults do not tolerate them, especially lactose.

So what should I do?

  • Eliminate foods that cause too much gas in your intestines.
  • If these are flour products, replace them with whole grains.
  • Do not overeat, because the stomach simply can not cope with a lot of food. She will ferment and gases will be many times greater.
  • Do not rush while eating. Slowly and thoroughly chew.
  • Do not drink down food.

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This is the simplest thing you can do. But if we talk about the most effective, then we should start by changing our habits. We recommend getting a doctor's advice, which will exclude possible diseases and infections, as well as give recommendations on adjusting your eating habits.

Try not to overdo it with medications. Too much coal or modern sorbents with too frequent intake can harm the body.

Do not give up folk remedies. Cure the flatulence will help the seed of dill, broth chamomile, mint. Brew tea enjoy and get useful substances and natural sources.

Do not ignore the slightest changes in your body, as this can lead to negative consequences.

Be healthy!

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