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Can there be fleas in humans?

What causes fleas: the main reasons

The most important sources of fleas areAnimals. And, you may not have a pet at home. To become a victim of these bloodsucking insects, you can pet a homeless animal by taking a walk in the clearing where lovers like to warm their seals. It's not difficult for a common flea to gain a foothold on human skin, and therefore, most likely, you will not even feel your new "life partner". It is also worth noting that these parasites multiply rapidly enough. On average, one flea can put up to five hundred eggs in hair or skin. Naturally, the flea babies need to eat, but this will not be a problem for them, since they, in fact, live on their food.

Detect and eliminate a small enemyVery difficult, because they are smart enough and active. And it's very difficult to crush a flea that is caught up to the end. Its structure is such that it allows you to take enormous pressure.

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What are the consequences of fleas in humans?

Unfortunately, in addition to unpleasant burning, itching andRed spots, these small parasites can bring big troubles to a person. They can be safely referred to: tularemia, rat typhoid, dipilidia and plague. In addition, fleas can penetrate into combed wounds, lay eggs in them and even live. Due to infection, a biting inflammation can occur at the site of the bite. Therefore, the first time you find these insects on your body, you need to take action.

How to get rid of fleas?

This task is not simple. And all because it requires a whole complex of measures aimed at the destruction of these parasites. First, you will have to buy special drugs in the pharmacy for flea control (sometimes a greater effect is observed from the means that are applicable to animals). The clothes in which we went during the defeat period should be included in the dry cleaning, as usual washing is not enough - these Creatures can survive.

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For home removal of these uninvited guestsIt is better to call specialists in the disinfection of insects. You will be cleaned throughout the apartment, not missing even such places as balconies, skirting boards, cabinets and bathroom.

In order to continue such parasites "bypassed" by the side, it is recommended to keep wormwood whiskers to several corners. For a person, this smell is almost imperceptible, but for insects, it acts as a deterrent.

As you can see, measures to eliminate fleas in humans are notSimple, but nevertheless, feasible. To avoid infection with infections, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist. It should be borne in mind that fleas do not choose their victims by status, sex or age, so always be on call. Good luck and be well!

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