/ / Healing properties of this equatorial flower and recommendations for use.

Healing properties of this equatorial flower and recommendations for use.

To meet the passionflower in our latitudesIs impossible. It was first found in North America, and now in the wild it occurs in countries with warm climates: Asia, Australia and Polynesia, because it is very fond of heat and moisture.

Healing properties

Passionflower is able not only to please with its exotic appearance, but also helps to get rid of various diseases.

  • This large flower (less common name "pasiflora") helps to get rid of nervous disorders and positively affects sleep, relieving of insomnia.
  • Can relieve pain and cramps with rheumatism and normalize the level of hormones.
  • Extract on the basis of plants are taken atViolations of blood pressure, in particular in order to lower it. In addition, the flower perfectly normalizes the work of the heart and positively affects the condition of the vessels.
  • With frequent and intense attacks of asthma, some specialists in traditional medicine even recommend inhalation from dried passionflower.
  • The plant is used in combination with other herbs. To enhance the effect of any tincture to passionflower, add hops, St. John's wort and valerian.
  • Extract of passionflower helps people in the fight against alcoholism. However, this process takes quite a long time and the treatment can take up to a year.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that drugs and extracts based on this exotic flower can be found in any pharmacy, there are certain prohibitions to their use.

  1. Independently to begin reception of means without preliminary consultation of the doctor it is strictly forbidden to people with serious infringements in work of bodies of digestion (ulcers and chronic gastritis).
  2. Passion flora treatment is strictly contraindicated to people suffering from arrhythmia and angina pectoris. Otherwise, serious health problems may occur.
  3. Parents who give their children tea fromPassiflora, too, must be very attentive. This applies to people with low blood pressure. The fact is that the plant has the property of lowering blood pressure.
  4. Pregnancy is not included in the list of contraindications if the dosage is not too large and there will be an appropriate doctor's permission.
  5. Passionflora-based medications are never prescribed for people with atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, patients with a heart attack, and those with uric acid salts in the body.

The most popular recipe

Most of the passionflowers prepare tea, which is excellent for nervous breakdowns and related sleep disorders and digestive tract work.

A teaspoon of dried herbs are poured halfA glass of boiling water and let it brew for ten minutes. Then the liquid is filtered through a strainer or gauze and consumed as a tea in a small cup thirty minutes before bedtime.

Traditional medicine also does not abandon the use of passionflower. The pharmacy sells plant extracts, which drink twenty drops three times a day to soothe.

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In order not to harm your body, neverStart to be treated by the means prepared from this plant independently. Non-compliance with dosage can lead to undesirable consequences and even disrupt the general health.

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