/ / Description of the plant and its medicinal properties. Rules for the collection of raw materials.

Description of the plant and its medicinal properties. Rules for the collection of raw materials.

Find a mullein is not difficult. It grows on sand and stones. Often it can be found in landfills and debris, however, these places are not suitable for collecting medicinal raw materials. But the meadows, the banks of rivers and lakes, ravines and parks are quite suitable for this.

Therapeutic properties of the plant

Our ancestors from time immemorial used the mullein for the treatment of various diseases. Here are the most common applications.

  1. Treatment of colds. Medicines based on this plant have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and expectorant properties. So you can cure bronchitis, pneumonia and whooping cough.
  2. Decoctions are used to combat atherosclerosis, mild form of hypertension, influenza and herpes.
  3. Mullein leaves perfectly help to get rid of inflammations of the bladder, kidney stones, gastritis and ulcers.
  4. Bear's ear is used to treat hemorrhoids and to remove swelling.
  5. As an external agent, ointment from Mullein can help relieve pain with rheumatism and arthritis. To cope with such a remedy and with inflammation of the facial nerve, deprive, eczema and purulent abscesses.
  6. Powder from dried raw materials or a special oil tincture is used by nursing mothers to lubricate cracked nipples.
  7. In cosmetology broths Mullein is used as a conditioner for hair. He makes the hair strong, strong and shiny.

The order of raw material procurement

In general, stems, leaves and flowers of the plant are used to prepare the preparations. The root is used only to treat urolithiasis.

  • Leaves and flowers should be carried out during the periodFlowering plants. Inflorescences should be taken only those on which the cup has not yet formed. Moreover, to do it better in the morning. So you save all the medicinal properties of the plant.
  • It is not recommended to collect raw materials at dawn or early morning. So the excess moisture does not have time to evaporate and you will have to dry the plant too long.
  • Keep dried grass better than a can or a paper bag. Thus, its useful properties will last for two years.

Prescription Drugs

Tincture for the liver

All diseases of this organ can be cured withThe next drug. You need to take the same number of flowers Mullein, chicory roots, rose hips and stems immortelle. For two tablespoons of herbal mixture take a glass of water and boil on low heat for ten minutes. Then we insist for two hours, and after cooling we add two tablespoons of honey.

Take should be three times a day two hours after eating. For adults, the dosage is one hundred grams, and for children - thirty.

Rheumatism and sciatica

Steamed grass in boiling water should be filled with vodka or alcohol in a ratio of 1:10. The drug should be allowed to stand for at least two days, and then rub it into painful bones and joints.

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Oily tincture

Three tablespoons of flowers pour a hundred milliliters of any vegetable oil (it is better to take olive). The mixture must stand at least twenty days, or even better - a month.

The beauty of the mullein is that in the processIts use, no cases of overdose or allergic reaction were observed. Therefore, you can safely prepare your own home remedies from this highly useful plant.

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