/ / Purulent inflammation, which can lead to fistula. The main causes leading to the disease.

Purulent inflammation, which can lead to fistula. The main causes leading to the disease.

To form a fistula in two cases: when there is a pathology in the body or due to surgical intervention.


Dangerous festering fistulas can appear in the following conditions:

  1. Purulent inflammation. If all the infection is gone, the canal that remained after the pus is out, usually heals fairly quickly. But it also happens that the infection has remained inside and formed a cavity in which pus is gradually accumulated, and the channel of its exit does not coalesce.
  2. On the roots of the tooth, fistulas appear during chronic periodontitis and affect the gum and jaw.
  3. If, after a gunshot wound from the body, you do not remove the fragments of the projectile or bullet in time, next to them a purulent swelling in the form of a fistula is formed.
  4. Sometimes they appear near the threads (ligatures), which are used for bandaging blood vessels because of their suppuration.

Main symptoms

Let us give the parts of the body on which fistulas are quite common:

  • On the gums, the manifestations are expressed by persistent purulent discharge, great mobility of the teeth and pain when touching the teeth or gums.
  • Bronchial fistulas can be diagnosed only in the clinic, since it entails the occurrence of a specific endobronchitis.
  • If the fistula appeared on the rectum, near the posteriorA small hole will appear from which a pus will constantly flow out. The patient has to wear a gasket and take a shower several times a day. In addition, the symptom is severe pain during defecation, which then subsides.

Treatment and prevention

As a rule, getting rid of a fistula is possible only through surgical intervention.

  • After the operation, the abscesses are eliminated by simply removing the ligatures on the blood vessels
  • The doctor removes not only the hearth of infectious inflammation, but all the epithelium that covered the pus outflow channel
  • It also happens that fistula appearsNewborn babies. In this situation, surgical intervention is required immediately, since without this method a child can die in just a few days.
  • Fistula can not close the fistula without suturing, since its opening is quite wide and can not be closed independently.

Methods of prevention

To prevent the appearance of fistula inAdults, infectious diseases should be avoided. It's clear, it's rather difficult, because we all get sick sometimes. But at least you can not let the disease run its course and call the doctor on time to get recommendations for treatment.

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Much depends on the surgeon who conductsOperation. Failure to comply with the standard rules for sterilizing the cabinet and instruments can lead to undesirable consequences for the patient. The pregnant women will not be able to take care of fistula prevention in their future children, since these abscesses appear during the first trimester of pregnancy and can be disposed of only after childbirth.

Doctors advise at the first manifestations of purulentDischarge, especially if this occurs after surgery, immediately seek help, since the development of inflammation and infection in the cavity can lead to serious consequences, such as blood poisoning.

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