/ / Description of the plant and its use as a medicine of folk healers.

Description of the plant and its use as a medicine from folk healers.

The medicinal properties of astragalus amaze with its breadth. Especially often it is used to strengthen a weakened organism.

Therapeutic properties and application

Astragalus is considered an elite means of folk medicine. And this is not surprising, given that it beneficially affects the work of all organs and systems of the body and significantly slows down the aging process.

Substances that are contained in the plant have the following effects:

  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Help to normalize the digestive tract and prevent the appearance of putrefactive processes in the body
  • Absorb harmful ultraviolet rays and protect the body from the danger of formation of cancerous tumors
  • Strengthen and clean the walls of blood vessels
  • Bactericidal effect
  • Relieve inflammation, calm nerves and fight with microbes

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On a note! All parts of the plant are used to prepare medicinal preparations. The roots should be excavated in late autumn, and the leaves, stems and flowers should be collected during the flowering period of the astragalus. All raw materials are dried in a crushed form in a dark, dry room.

Preparations based on astragalus

We will give you several recipes that you can use at home, in order to prepare medicines for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

The cardiovascular system

Two tablespoons of dry raw material must be poured intoA glass of boiling water and steamed in a water bath for fifteen minutes. Then the mixture should be cooled, filtered and added boiled water, to get two hundred milliliters of liquid.

With hypertension and other disorders in the work of the heart, it is recommended to take two tablespoons three times a day for six weeks.

Atherosclerosis and vessels

Tincture for the treatment of these diseases is prepared forBased medical alcohol and dry herbs. When cooking, observe a 3: 1 ratio (alcohol: grass). The medicine is insisted for several days, and then take thirty drops three times a day before meals. It is recommended to adhere to such a course: ten days of treatment and a week of interruption.

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To strengthen and stop bleeding

Twenty grams of the medicinal plant should be poured into a glass of very hot water, insist, strain and drink two tablespoons three times a day.

From constipation

Ten grams of dried astragalus rootsSteamed in a glass of boiling water and insisted for fifteen minutes. Then the liquid should be cooled and used as a solution for the enema. The same broth is used to strengthen immunity. It should be drunk three tablespoons twice a day for a month.

A large amount of the product can be poured into the bath,Contraindications to taking a medicinal plant are quite common for folk medicine. Abstain from such treatment should be pregnant at all times, people with hypertension and those who have an individual drug intolerance.

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Remember that a miraculous folk remedy is beneficial, you need to go through a consultation with a therapist who can find out if you can take tinctures and broths of astragalus.

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