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Description of the plant and its use in folk medicine.

But the banana is useful not only in the field of aesthetics. Undoubtedly, its dark leaves and bright flowers will adorn the garden at any time of the year, but in addition, the plant is actively used in folk medicine to combat various diseases.

Medicinal properties

It turns out that this bright flower from time immemorial helped our ancestors to get rid of many diseases, and tinctures and decoctions on its basis enjoyed great popularity.

  • Has the ability to relieve inflammation, fight bacteria and heal wounds
  • With its help treat dysentery and some gynecological diseases (cervical erosion and fibromyoma)
  • Used to treat oral cavity candidiasis and eliminate putrefactive microorganisms from various organs
  • The natural elements that make up this flower are able to fight with malignant formations
  • Tea made from badana, effectively combats depression, relieves fatigue and exerts a restorative effect on the body, increasing its efficiency

  • Light problems with digestion (for example, heartburn, nausea and bloating) will also help to eliminate the decoction of badan.

Important! Not all the plants fit the preparation of medicines. The root of the three-year-old flower is mainly used. It is dug in June, and then dried in a dark dry place. But you can store this tool for four years.

Recipes of traditional medicine

From bleeding after childbirth and too intense monthly

Fresh roots to grind so that it turned outA tablespoon of a drug and add to a glass of water, which should already boil over the fire. Almost immediately, the liquid must be turned off and allowed to stand. When the mixture becomes room temperature, it is filtered and taken on a tablespoon three times a day before meals.

Bleeding gums and candidiasis

To deal with these problems, you needTo cook the infusion for rinsing. The extract of the medicinal plant should be filled with 350 grams of not too hot boiled water. Allow to stand for at least four hours, and then use to rinse your mouth during the day.

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For respiratory diseases

Most often this remedy is used for seriousDiseases of the lungs and bronchi. Forty grams of dried root of badana pour a hundred grams of vodka or alcohol. We tightly cover the jar with a lid and insist for ten days in a dark place. Then the liquid must be carefully filtered and squeezed roots. Take the medicine for thirty drops per tablespoon of any liquid three times a day.


To cope with diseases of the genitals,Women are advised to prepare broths for syringing. Six tablespoons of dried roots are poured into 400 g of boiling water and continue to cook on low heat for another fifteen minutes.

For the procedure, you need to dilute a tablespoon of the drug in a liter of boiled water.

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Badan rather gently affects the body, andTo feel all the delights of an overdose is rather difficult. But still, people suffering from thrombosis and permanent constipation, will have to refrain from taking this drug. You can not accept beans and those who have an individual intolerance to the substances that are contained in the plant.

Before buying or preparing a preparation for itself, consult your physician in order that trying to help the body recover should not result in negative consequences.

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