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Proper nutrition and diet with bloating

At first glance, it can be decided thatGas formation in the intestine and, as a result, bloating - a trifle, which will pass and will never happen again. This is not true. Many faced with the problem and know that without taking any measures it will be repeated again. To this in the future did not happen, you need to adhere to simple rules of diet with bloating.

Diet with bloating: what to exclude

Let everything go on its own - bring newProblems in the future. Often, flatulence is a harbinger of more serious disorders of the digestive system: dysbacteriosis, intestinal infections, parasites, pancreatitis, colitis, liver cirrhosis and others. In addition, it is a signal of serious violations in the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Diet with bloating is the best way to improve your health.

For the next week, cross out the following products from the list:

  • Yeast: baked goods, cookies, bread (of all sorts);
  • Flour products and too high-calorie: noodles, vareniki, dumplings, fatty meat and other similar foods. Pay special attention to unhealthy fast food, such as myvina, shawarma, hot dogs;
  • Products containing soy;
  • Legumes (yes, yes, peas are a powerful catalyst for flatulence, this is not a myth);
  • Some fruits: apples, plums, prunes and other dried fruits, peaches, apricots;
  • Vegetables: radish, onion and cabbage;
  • Chocolate bars, sour-milk products;
  • Carbonated drinks.

All this should be deleted from your life for at least a few days, so that bloating quickly passed.

Nutrition with bloating

Once you exclude the products from the list aboveIn a short time should be easier. However, does not mean that it all ended. Flatulence is a mean thing, and if you do not follow a further diet, it will instantly return.

Dietitians advise 2-3 weeks to sit on food, which will be based on:

  • Buckwheat and rice porridge;
  • Broths, light low-fat soups;
  • Dietary meat (chicken breast), preferably in a cooked form, but occasionally you can pamper yourself and slightly fried;
  • Of fruit is better citrus: grapefruit, orange, mandarin. Accordingly, it is desirable to drink orange juice;
  • Vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, salad.

In addition to food products, the formation of gases inThe intestines can be provoked and diet regime. Fast "interceptions" on the move, skipping meals or inferior breakfasts, ingesting large pieces of poorly chewed food will make you in the future go through all the circles of flatulence anew, so pay attention to changing the schedule and style of eating.

Help with gassing in the intestine

Do not leave the disease on its own, takeMeasures both independently and by referring to the help of a specialist - a gastroenterologist. In such cases, the examination does not take much time, but it will help you get advice and a list of medications that help to immediately remove bloating, other symptoms, and most importantly - cure and prevent future manifestations of flatulence.

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