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Vitamins for the eyes in drops, how to choose a drug, specific names

We become helpless like kittens, we stopTo lead an active way of life, it is hard for us to work - all this from a fall in the level of vision. Who among us really cares about this sense organ? Such units. We look at information like this already when there are not even the first, but the tenth signs of a deterioration in sight. Fortunately, pharmacists do not sit idly by giving us excellent tools - vitamins for the eyes in droplets.

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What good vitamins for the eyes are in the form of drops?

Indeed, a good question. After all, there are vitamin complexes in tablets, various powders and other means of oral administration. But, it's all about expediency. The tablet enters the esophagus, then into the stomach, is digested, absorbed into the bloodstream and only then some of the necessary elements reach the target. In addition, such drugs do not possess a moisturizing effect. Do not forget about the effects of drugs on the liver, not all of them are harmless. More effective and more beneficial for you will be the use of vitamin drops for your eyes, which immediately begin to act.

How to choose eye drops with vitamins?

The market offers a wide range of different drugs, so it is easy to lose when choosing. To avoid this, follow the simple tips:

  1. Ophthalmologist is a doctor whose profile is treated by ourThe main organ of the senses. Who, if not this man, knows the properties of many medicines. Make an appointment and take a survey. The professional will tell you what to buy and how to apply;
  2. If you decide not to follow the first point, then determine what you need for eye drops: to improve vision, treat myopia, hyperopia, cataracts, just like prevention.

Below is a list of the names of vitamin for the eyes in drops describing the properties of the drugs. Perhaps, some of them will suit you.

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Vitamin drops for the eyes - a list of the best drugs

Let's consolidate the information collected from the reviews of doctors and patients and make a list of really high-quality products:

  1. Everyone known "Vizin" received good reviews. Its main properties are the removal of edema, the acceleration of the regeneration process, the moistening of the eyes. Especially useful for those who wear contact lenses, relieving unpleasant sensations;
  2. "Quinax" - a tool that helps to get rid of cataracts and contains in its composition substances that protect the eye lens;
  3. "Taufon" perfectly showed itself when relieving tension from the eyes. Suitable for those who work is connected with working behind the monitor. Moisturizes the eyes, removes redness and itching;
  4. "Prenatsid" - vitamin drops for the eyes, which are designed more for allergy sufferers. If you have irritations and redness due to allergies, then the remedy will have to come in handy;
  5. "Iphiral" is positioned as a preventive tool. Doctors advise to begin its use 10-12 days before the expected period of onset of allergy.

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In addition to these eye drops, there isDozens and dozens of others. In any case, no matter how confident you are in your own right in the prevention or treatment of the eye, you must always contact the ophthalmologist. Only he can take responsibility for the appointment of any medications associated with this sense organ. In addition, with improper application there can be unpleasant consequences.

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