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Treatment and prevention of diseases by tincture of propolis

Recipes of tincture of propolis from various diseases, highlights

Propolis is especially effective as a tincture. It is diluted with alcohol, milk or plain water. Doctors themselves, often, recommend the patient with this remedy. However, you should be careful, since this is a strong allergen, so the effect of taking it inside can be reversed - skin rashes, runny nose, general deterioration of health. An important factor is the correct dosage and application itself. To treat periodontal disease by applying compresses to the head is not the best way out.

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Tincture of propolis for strengthening immunity, treatment and prevention of colds

Propolis is a good soothing agent that favorably affects our nervous system and can strengthen sleep. To properly dilute the liquid, do the following:

  • In 20-25 grams of warm water or milk (preferably milk), add 15 drops of tincture to alcohol for adults or 5-7 drops to children;
  • Drink a mixture of a couple of sips of clean water or the same milk.

It is best to use propolis tinctureIn the evening, just before bedtime. Dosage for treatment, that for prevention does not change. If you just decided to prophylaxis, take 10-15 drops of propolis for 7-10 days a month, making equal intervals (1 time in 3 days).

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Propolis in dental diseases

Caries or periodontitis can, if not cured, thenSignificantly reduce, rinsing the oral cavity with propolis tincture. To do this, dilute 20 drops of 15% alcoholic tincture to a full glass of water and rinse your mouth every morning or evening. As a result, the toothache will decrease significantly, and the bacteria causing the illness will come to naught.

For the fastest healing of damaged areasSkin and their disinfection, many recommend applying a tampon to the wounds. This will speed up the recovery of the skin and kill the bacteria, but there may be a painful sensation due to the alcohol contained in the tincture.

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Tincture of propolis from fungal diseases and herpes

Skin rashes accompanied by a virusHerpes and fungal diseases can be cured by making compresses. When treating herpes in this way, you can delay repeated manifestations and reduce in principle the likelihood of new manifestations (completely herpes, alas, have not yet learned to heal).

Bees gave us, people, many usefulOrganic things that help cope with diseases, improve immunity, and carry out prevention. Propolis is one of such "bee" inventions. All that we had to do was to understand its true value, to dissolve it with alcohol (in another liquid it is difficult to do) and apply it for our own good. Use a tincture of propolis and stay healthy!

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