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Is it possible for pregnant women to go on holiday to the sea or to make long journeys.


First of all, of course, you must put inFame of your doctor. Only he can tell you exactly, stay at home or go on a trip. Serious reasons for the complete incompatibility of pregnancy and the sea can serve as the following problems:

  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases or allergies. A woman in a new climate can become much worse and need the help of a qualified specialist, who may not be in the new place.
  • The threat of termination of pregnancy. In this case, the issue of long trips should not be raised at all. If there is a possibility of termination of pregnancy at any time, a woman should be constantly under the care of her doctor.
  • Placenta presentation. At the slightest physical exertion, bleeding may occur and there is a risk of losing the baby. It is diagnosed by means of ultrasound. Thus, the slightest shake in the road is already a source of danger.
  • Toxicosis of the second and third trimester. A woman can be so bad that she herself will refuse a long trip because of constant nausea, vomiting, pressure jumps and swelling.

Recommendations for a trip to the sea

Even if all of the above symptoms do not apply to you, it is worth taking into account several points to make the trip really enjoyable.

  • Try to travel to the sea in the secondTrimester of pregnancy. In the early stages, the body is not yet fully accustomed to its new state, and in recent months is already too exhausted to rejoice in new impressions and changes in the situation.
  • Choose the right resort. Try to keep it in the same climatic zone as your permanent habitat. The air temperature should not be too high. Try not to spend your holidays in exotic countries, especially in Asia or Africa, because this increases the risk of catching an infection that is not typical for our latitudes.
  • You can swim in the sea, but with sunbathing you needBe very careful. Try not to expose your body to long-term exposure to sunlight. The smallest thing that can happen is an increase in pigmentation, the formation of edema or varicose veins. In the worst case, fainting or even uterine bleeding may occur.
  • Do not try to overload yourself with numerousHikes and excursions. Instead, enjoy the warm sea, sand and healing sea air. You need to relax as much as possible and let your body rest before a new and difficult period in your life.

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Of course, there are such lovers of extremeRest, which do not change their preferences, even bearing a baby. Even if you are one of them, you are still attentive to your condition and inner feelings. After all, entertainment can wait until more favorable times, and the responsibility for the life and health of the future baby lies solely on you.

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