/ The most probable causes of pressure problems in pregnant women.

The most likely causes of problems with pressure in pregnant women.

Naturally, it happens that the level of arterialPressure (BP) is increased or decreased. In this case, it can be a symptom of the emerging disease. However, it is necessary to take into account the level of BP at a woman before pregnancy. After all, the fact that for some the norm, for others may already be increased pressure.

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the mother's body haveSuch an action that the blood pressure is usually slightly reduced. If this is not accompanied by any other symptoms and my mother feels well, then no action should be taken.

But in the event that the pressure has fallen dramatically, moreoverAccompanied by dizziness, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to take care of the treatment. Harm can be caused, first of all, to the fetus. Because the heart began to work weaker, the flow of blood to the placenta decreases, and with it the amount of useful substances and oxygen.

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It is not necessary to take tablets independently of pressure, as most of them are contraindicated to pregnant women. But you can try to prevent blood pressure surges by such methods:

  • Enough sleep. The body should not be exhausted. It is best to sleep eight to nine hours a day.
  • Take long walks in the fresh air.
  • Do light gymnastics.
  • Adhere to a full and balanced diet.
  • If the pressure has already fallen sharply, open the windows,Lie down on the bed and unbutton the buttons or belt. With regular repetition, carry a bubble of ammonia and tell the doctor about the increased cases. This may be a sign of the onset of the disease and will most likely have to agree to inpatient observation and treatment.

High pressure

Since over time the mother's body beginsSubject to additional stress as the fetus grows, the pressure may slightly increase already at 18-20 weeks. However, if the blood pressure has increased since the first days of pregnancy, or jumped sharply in the second trimester, consult a doctor. This may be a symptom of infection, hypertension, kidney problems or late toxicosis (gestosis).

To reduce the pressure, the usual tablets will not work. But you can use folk remedies.

  • Drink natural birch sap.
  • Beetroot juice, decoction of pumpkin without pulp, fruit drinksOf cranberries can reduce pressure. You need to drink them thirty minutes before eating half the glass. The only condition - every new broth or juice should be freshly prepared.
  • The doctor will definitely instruct you to monitor the level of pressure. To constantly not go to the clinic, buy yourself a modern blood pressure monitor to control blood pressure.

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Particular attention to pressure should be given to women who have faced certain health problems, namely:

  • overweight
  • Patients with hypertension
  • Presence of hormonal disorders
  • Serious diseases of internal organs
  • Sensitivity to atmospheric pressure differences
  • Women who experience problems with bearing a child and have already suffered a miscarriage.
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