/ Why a woman is sick during pregnancy and how to deal with this.

Why a woman is sick during pregnancy and how to deal with this.


If you believe people's signs, then pregnant womenSickening more if there is a boy. However, this theory has no scientific justification. But scientists more thoroughly approached this issue and identified several factors that can cause toxicosis.

  • Increase the number of hormones associated with the restructuring of all organs and systems of the future mother.
  • There is also a version that in this way the body protects the fetus from all harmful substances that can get into the food.
  • Toxicosis in the form of nausea or vomiting can be a consequence of strong emotional stress and stress.

How can it be expressed?

It is generally accepted that toxicosis and nausea in pregnant women are one and the same. But it turns out, this concept is much broader and can be expressed in a wide variety of symptoms.

The first, of course, is vomiting, which appearsNot only after eating, but also on an empty stomach, and in especially difficult cases, even at night. If a woman suffers from very severe bouts of vomiting (about ten times a day), most often she is hospitalized so that the kidneys work is not disturbed.

Nausea during pregnancy can occur in the morning, when in a stuffy room or because of odors that have become dramatically unpleasant.

Another nasty companion of toxicosis andNausea is excessive salivation. Together with it, the liquid and mineral salts leave the body, which must be replenished. In addition, irritability, drowsiness, general weakness, loss of appetite and significant weight loss may occur. If you take appropriate measures, then with all these negative companions of pregnancy you can cope.

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How to deal with nausea?

Theoretical information is, of course,Well, but what to do if due to constant nausea in the mornings (and sometimes the whole day) the world lost all the colors? You can immediately say that you will not be able to completely get rid of it, and you will have to wait until the toxemia passes by itself. Most often this occurs in the second trimester. But some measures still take place.

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Here are a few recommendations to this effect:

  • If possible, plan pregnancy in advance and in the course of preparation cure all current diseases.
  • Get rid of smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Eliminate from your diet acute, salty, fatty and smoked food. Eat more vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, fish and dairy products. Try to eat more often, but in smaller portions.
  • Try not to starve yourself, but avoid sweet confectionery, like chocolate and cakes.
  • Try not to overeat and drink more non-carbonated mineral water.
  • Be sure to include a walk in the fresh air in your daily routine.
  • At night, ventilate the room, but do not overcool.
  • Start taking vitamins. Particular attention should be paid to B6 and ascorbic acid.
  • Avoid unnecessary excitement and stress.
  • And remember, for any incomprehensible symptom (sharp increase in nausea or vice versa, sudden cessation), immediately consult a doctor.
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