/ What is a frozen pregnancy and why does it appear?

What is a frozen pregnancy and why it appears.

Therefore, it is better to find out all possible information about this phenomenon and take precautionary measures in advance so as not to encounter such a dangerous situation.

The concept of frozen pregnancy and its causes

In fact, this process is a completeA stop in the development of the fetus and its further death. Of course, it is quite difficult to transfer such loss morally, but the sooner a pathology is discovered, the higher the probability that a woman will be able to avoid inflammation and can again try to become pregnant.

Common causes

  1. Genetic disorders in the fetus.
  2. Hormonal disorders in the mother, associated with illness or too intense exposure to medication.
  3. Sexual infections in a woman (chlamydia, herpes). Therefore, it is important to take tests at an early stage of pregnancy or even before conception, in time to identify these diseases and cure them.
  4. Severe course of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract.
  5. Drug use, alcohol or smoking.

Since the fetus can completely die on anyTerm, doctors recommend that women throughout the entire pregnancy closely monitor their own condition and the behavior of the baby. However, in half of the cases the pregnancy stops in the first trimester. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of this pathology.

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Main features

And although this pathology occurs most often inEarly stage of pregnancy, it is difficult to identify it. A woman may simply not pay due attention not to the symptoms, and the problem will be revealed only on the next examination of the doctor.

  • Sharp disappearance of toxicosis. Since it is present in most pregnant women, be sure to note that it suddenly stopped. This may be the first sign that something is wrong with the fruit.
  • Cessation of chest pain. As the mother's body prepares for breastfeeding the baby, the mammary glands swell. But if you do not feel it, maybe there is a risk of fading fetal development.
  • Decrease in basal temperature.

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These symptoms are present in the first trimester, but in the future, by certain signs, you can find out about the presence of pathology.

  • Bleeding due to probable exfoliation of the fetal egg
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • The child stopped moving. However, in this case, do not immediately panic.

Each child is individual and perhaps yourThe kid is very calm and balanced. But also to ignore such symptom it is not necessary, therefore it is better to consult with the doctor and to pass additional researches. And only after their conduct will be diagnosed. In the worst case, the doctor will have to call emergency births and try to establish the cause of pregnancy fading.

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But even after such a serious test it is not necessaryDespair and refuse to replenish the family. Just take into account the bitter experience and take a more careful look at the planning of the next pregnancy. Doctors recommend giving the body to recover at least six months, or better - a year. During this time, you and your chosen one will have time to recover and prepare for a new attempt.

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