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Features of the course of multiple pregnancy and possible difficulties in childbirth.

Main features and differences

If you look at the pregnancy calendar of twins,Then you will not notice any dramatic differences there. Kids will develop about the same way as they would during normal maturation, but there will still be some difficulties for the mother and the fetus.

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  • Anemia. Since the kids are two, they absorb iron more quickly from the mother's body. This can lead to a strong decrease in hemoglobin. Therefore, moms are usually prescribed a strengthened course of vitamins, so that both children can develop normally and receive a sufficient amount of nutrients.
  • Late toxicosis (gestosis) occurs late in pregnancy. It can cause an increase in pressure and abnormalities in the analysis of urine.
  • Incorrect position of the fetus. This will be followed by doctors. Immediately before birth, a future mother can even be hospitalized to observe the location of children in the uterus. This difficulty can cause potential complications during childbirth. If the kids do not turn in the right position, they usually have a caesarean section.
  • Uneven development. Although usually one of the children develops faster, gaining more weight and growing. But it also happens that the difference in development is too great. In this case, mothers are prescribed additional drugs and transferred for intensive monitoring at the hospital.
  • Early childbirth. Since the stretching of the uterus has its limit, and the baby is still not one, the bouts can begin much earlier. Do not worry about it. After all, birth will not begin before the kids reach the desired level of development. In addition, it was found that twins or twins born before the term, better adapt to the new habitat.

Potential threats

The biggest problem may be the riskAbortion of pregnancy. This is especially true in the second and third trimester. With too much increase in the tone of the uterus, doctors prescribe special drugs that relax it, and in particularly difficult cases, hospitalized mother until the very birth. The health of the mother, too, may be in jeopardy. First of all, it concerns the cardiovascular system, which will be under very high load. Pay attention to any signs of malaise and immediately consult a doctor.

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  • A woman who is preparing to give birth to twoChildren, it is necessary to visit the gynecologist much more often. In the first trimester, the consultation will need to come every ten days, and in the future - once a week. Determining such a pregnancy in the early term is quite difficult, if there is no hereditary predisposition. Therefore, most often this is learned on a planned ultrasound in the middle of the term. This is necessary, since the difficulties with such a pregnancy are much greater, and the constant supervision of a specialist is vital.
  • The characteristics of childbirth are such that to bring into the worldChildren without surgery, a woman will be able only if they are properly positioned. Usually twins are born with an interval of half an hour, and twins - at ten minutes. Of course, these terms are very approximate and differ individually. However, doctors usually stimulate the flow of water, even with a minimum opening of the uterus, to speed up the process.
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