/ / Causes of bloating and the formation of additional gases in the intestine.

Causes of bloating and the formation of additional gases in the intestine.

Why can stomach stomach?

  1. If flatulence appears only occasionally, it is more likelyIn general, the problem in the products that you have recently consumed. Too intense formation of gases in the intestines can affect legumes, cabbage, some varieties of apples and soda. This also applies to food, which causes in the digestive tract fermentation processes: kvass, beer and black bread.
  2. Constant bloating may appearAdults who are used to eating on the go or talking while eating. So a person captures too much air, which accumulates in the digestive tract and causes the formation of gases. Also, the reason for the gases can be too long chewing gum.
  3. Diseases of the digestive system can also becomeCause of flatulence. These include gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and dysbacteriosis. Food that was not able to fully digest the stomach, accumulates in the intestines and causes the formation of gases.
  4. If the belly puchit after a nervous strain, then know that stress can be the cause. When we are nervous, the muscles of the intestine contract, the gases in it linger and the stomach begins to puchit.
  5. Surgery in the abdominal cavity. After surgery, food is more difficult to pass through the intestines. Hence, excess gases are taken.
  6. Pregnant women may also experience flatulence and bloating. This is perfectly normal, because the female body is completely rebuilt in the hormonal plane, which affects the formation of gases.

Drugs and methods to combat swelling

To get rid of the problem, first of allYou need to seek help from a gastroenterologist for a complete examination of the digestive system. But if no serious illness has been identified, the following measures should be taken:

  • Thoroughly chew food and try not to talk while eating
  • Eliminate from your diet foods that can cause the formation of excess gases
  • Use folk remedies: tinctures and broths of chamomile, mint or root of valerian
  • Avoid stress, and if this is not possible, then at least do not get nervous while eating
  • After consulting with a doctor, you can take medications that will save you from helminths (worms), which can also cause bloating
  • To alleviate suffering, you can perform special exercises: "bicycle", massage the stomach clockwise, alternating relaxation and tension of the abdominal muscles, lying on the back.

Quick methods of fighting

It is possible to get rid of the unpleasant sensations that arise when the belly groans.

  • Drink several activated carbon tablets
  • Sit in a warm bath or put on the stomach warmer
  • Do a massage of the abdomen. Movements must be done exclusively clockwise for ten minutes
  • If discomfort has not disappeared, you will have to do a cleansing enema

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In any case, by whatever means you do notHave used to remove unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to pass check at the doctor as to struggle directly with a swelling, not having understood its or his reasons, at least, incorrectly. After all, the stomach can constantly swell, and the diseases in which this process develops will only worsen.

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