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Medications that will help cause a month before the term.

For others, a medication change in the monthlyCycle is caused by the desire to get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, in both cases it should be mentioned that medication without consulting a specialist may have unforeseen consequences, up to the delay of menstruation for up to six months, or, conversely, heavy bleeding, as well as infertility.

Methods of monthly shift in non-traditional medicine

Of course, choosing this or that method, it follows thatRemember that 100% of the guarantee of safety and harmlessness will not be given to either of them, because you need to take into account the physiological characteristics of the body, as well as the medical history. Nevertheless, one of the more or less innocuous is still considered to be folk:

  • Two even parts of mint and chamomile mixed with a smaller part of the root of valerian - insist no more than half an hour (a tablespoon of collection for a glass of boiling water), then divide into two portions and drink a day;
  • About 60 leaves laurel boil in half a liter of hot water, cool and drink in the morning on an empty stomach;
  • A mixture of milk with iodine - 4 drops of iodine per glass of milk - a portion is drunk 1 time, after which a hot bath is recommended.
  • Increased physical activity (for example, training in a gym or unscheduled jogging) in combination with a hike in the bath;
  • A decoction of parsley and dill, or fresh herbs in unlimited quantities - maximum three days after menstruation should begin;
  • Take a hot bath after drinking a glass of wine.

Medications that help to cause premature menstruation

If you are not a supporter of alternative medicine, then you will be helped by medications that can stimulate the months before the term:

  1. Reception of oral contraceptives. In addition to being a good way to stabilize the cycle and prevent unwanted pregnancies, these pills are also able to help you change the timing of your periods. If, for one reason or another, you need to cause menstruation early, you can stop using the drug for such a number of days before the standard start, for which you want to move them closer. However, remember that it is strictly forbidden to choose oral contraceptives on your own, especially when you are not familiar with the instructions for use - you can only get a pill of this kind from a doctor from whom you are observed.
  2. Use of hormonal drugs. One of the ways that help to medically change the cycle of menstruation, causing their premature appearance, is the use of high-speed medicines that stimulate menstruation:
    • Dyufaston - causes a period of a few days after taking.
    • Pulsatilla - menstruation starts immediately after use.
    • Mifygin - apply in the case of a delay of no more than 42 days, the effect manifests itself within 72 hours.

It should be recalled that absolutely safeMethods of changing the menstrual cycle does not exist, and it is necessary to contact a specialist before resorting to this or that method. Especially since emergency contraception pills have a much higher risk of leaving you without offspring in the future.

Among other things, we note that frequentThe use of even relatively harmless folk recipes can lead not only to infertility, but also to hormonal failures, deterioration of the skin condition, and even to the appearance of serious diseases requiring surgical intervention. Take care and think carefully before using any of the monthly shift techniques.

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