/ / Microflora in the smear: the meaning and possible consequences for the body.

Microflora in the smear: the meaning and possible consequences for the body.

What do cocci mean in the smear?

Any gynecologist with a routine examination is mandatoryTakes a smear on the flora. It makes it possible to identify various microorganisms, including cocci, that could enter the organs along with the infection. It is the diseases of this nature that gradually lead to the active reproduction of bacteria, and if not taken in time by the necessary treatment, can lead to the development of dangerous diseases.

Causes of coccus flora

In order not to further endanger your health, you need to know about the causes that can lead to the appearance of cocci in the smear.

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  • Random sex life. Too frequent change of partners leads to the fact that sooner or later the organism gets pathogenic bacteria. In this situation, you need to find yourself a regular sexual partner and always be protected by condoms during sex. This also applies to too early onset of sexual activity.
  • Oral or anal sex. Usually in such cases they are not protected, as they are not afraid to become pregnant. But this does not mean that you can not catch an infection with this contact. You can refuse a condom only if you are completely sure that your partner is healthy.
  • Insufficient hygiene. It is necessary to wash yourself every day, just like changing underwear. If you do not change clothes daily, bacteria can begin to multiply on tissues. Women are recommended to wash themselves from the genitals to the anus, so that the bacteria from the intestine do not get into the vagina.
  • Recently, there are often cases when the cause of cocci in the smears becomes masturbation with dirty hands or objects.

  • Women may have a coccal flora if they often practice douching at home. Especially, if before that there was no consultation with a specialist.
  • Self-administration of antibiotics. The admission of such medications should be necessarily coordinated with the doctor, as in passing you need to take drugs that protect the microflora.
  • Underwear is small in size and made of synthetic fabric. It is also desirable to iron it after each wash.

Symptoms and Treatment

In principle, every person can feel that cocci has appeared in his body, as usually their presence is manifested by external signs.

  • Significant increase in mucous discharge. They can be seen on the underwear, the labia in the form of lumps or even on toilet paper. They become thicker and more viscous.
  • The color of mucus varies. Discharge from the vagina is quite normal, but they must be transparent. And if the color turns yellow or white, then the bacteria appeared in the body. In addition, from the genitals can come an unpleasant odor, which does not pass even after the shower.
  • General discomfort. The microflora in the smear can manifest itself in the form of itching, burning and even mild pain.

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Usually, to get rid of cocci, a course of antibiotics is prescribed. But you can not start them on your own, because the effect may be quite the opposite.

An experienced specialist will be able to explain to you the causes and consequences of the presence of cocci flora and prescribe drugs that will quickly bring the body back to normal.

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