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Chemical and folk remedies for vasodilator action.

The first species directly affects the nerve fibers and impairs the impulses. The second directly affects the musculature in the vessels.

Conditions for impaired vascular tone

In normal times, the body itself regulates the narrowing and widening of the vessels. But sometimes there are situations that their tone should be controlled by special means.

There are a number of diseases that directly affect this process:

    Hypertension. Elevated blood pressure may be accompanied by increased tone in both central and peripheral vessels. If you do not take appropriate measures, hypertension can occur with complications.

    Angina is caused by spasms of blood vessels in the heart.

    Obesity directly affects the increase in pressure. Accordingly, a person with this problem should regularly take vasodilator tablets.

    Mental disorders. Even banal depression can cause disturbances in the tone of blood vessels due to the fact that stress directly affects excessive muscle contraction.

    Diabetes mellitus or other metabolic disorders.

List of medicines

The modern pharmacological industry produces many drugs that can affect the vessels and expand them. Such funds are of several types.

  1. Influencing the nerve fibers. As a result of taking such drugs, the work of the nervous system normalizes and the blood flow stabilizes. These drugs include validol, reserpine and many other similar drugs.
  2. Acting on the muscles in the walls of the vessels. These include papavirin and dibazol.
  3. Preparations of mixed action. As the name suggests, they affect not only the nerve center and fibers, but also the vessels themselves. The most common drug of this type is nitroglycerin.

Folk remedies for vascular tone

Although such drugs can not be used inAs the main method of treatment and play an exclusively auxiliary role in therapy. In any case, you need to consult a doctor in advance, as some medicinal plants may be incompatible with the use of chemical medications.

  • Decoction of valerian, hawthorn, periwinkle or bark of hazel. They can be cooked at home, pour boiling water on dry grass, which you collected on your own or bought in a pharmacy.
  • Phytoteas, which are sold in a wide range in all pharmacies, and are used to regulate the vascular tone.
  • Physical effect on the body. For example, your body can be hardened by pouring, swimming in the hole or hiking in a sauna or a sauna.
  • The same effect on the expansion of the vessels of the brain is exerted by physical exercises.
  • Small doses of alcohol also lower the tone of the vessels and dilate them.

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Admission of any medications that areAble to adjust the tone of the vessels need to start only after a visit to the doctor. Medication can cause undesirable effects, and an overdose can even be dangerous to the body.

The same applies to folk remedies. In any case, it is better to strengthen the body in advance and prepare for the fact that with age, the vascular tone decreases and they need additional protection.

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