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Causes of pain in the tooth, after the nerve was removed from it.

But the situation is different. The treatment was gone, the nerve was removed, the tooth was sealed, and he continues to ache. In this case, you need to wait if the pain after removal of the nerve is normal or should be re-consulted a specialist. Let's talk in more detail about what needs to be done in this situation.

Pain is normal

Often the scenario is played out this way: The tooth was opened, the nerve was removed, the canals in which they were sealed and put a permanent seal on the tooth. Natural, all these manipulations are performed under local anesthesia.

  • After the action of the injection is over, aching pain begins in the tooth or gum. Especially often they occur when eating and biting on the tooth or at night without any reason
  • This phenomenon is not related to the quality of materials in the dental office or the qualification of the doctor. So your body reacts to interference in its integrity
  • Side effects can also be severe headaches and general weakness of the body

How to deal with pain?

  1. Take any medication that can relieve pain, for example, Nimesil.
  2. You can rinse your mouth with a solution of iodine and table salt. On a glass of water, take a teaspoon of salt and five drops of iodine.
  3. Most often, the pain lasts no longer than one day. Rarely, it lasts for three days.
  4. Learn whether pain is a natural phenomenonBy its intensity. If it decreases over time, everything goes fine. But when the pain only increases with time, it means that the inflammation began in the tooth. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor, so as not to aggravate the purulent processes.

Poor-quality treatment

When the nerve is removed from the tooth, it can continueSick in the event that the dentist incorrectly performed the procedure. First of all, this applies to cleaning channels. If they retain at least a small piece of the nerve, an inflammatory process may begin, which can subsequently lead to inflammation of the bone tissue and the appearance of fluxes.

Otherwise, the tooth may begin to hurt when the filling material is a donkey and a cavity is formed inside.

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Other causes of pain

  1. Allergy. Some patients may experience negative reactions to materials that are used to fill the tooth as a whole or nerve channels. In this case, not only pain appears, but also a tooth and rash on the face. To cure these symptoms, the doctor removes the seal and replaces it with another that does not contain allergens.
  2. Gum. Sometimes it happens that during treatment the gingival tissue touches or the inflammatory process persists in them. In such cases, the role of various antiseptics should be rinsed. In rare cases, a course of antibiotics is used.
  3. Sometimes a neighboring tooth can hurt, the inflammation in which passed unnoticed. In this case, the doctor must conduct additional treatment.

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When you have removed the nerve from the tooth, andAfter a few days, the pain does not go away, be sure to see a doctor. You yourself will be able to notice the intensity of the inflammatory process, if swelling appeared on the gums, it became hard for you to swallow or an unpleasant smell appeared from your mouth. In this case, the trip to the doctor should not be postponed for long, since only he can identify the real cause of the pain and take steps to eliminate it.

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